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Published:December 15th, 2013 18:36 EST

The Dramatic Rise And Tragic Fall of Lady Gaga

By Robert Paul Reyes

When Lady Gaga exploded into the scene in 2008 with the "Fame" album, she was a brand new flavor of pop and she quickly attracted legions of fans known as "little monsters."


The pop tart will always have her core audience of monsters, but the general public perceives her as a desperate has been.


In a few short years the pop pretender has become a caricature of herself, and not even the ego of Kanye West, the marketing skills of Madonna, and the outsider appeal of Lou Reed can make her relevant.


It took decades for the slim and sexy Elvis to turn into the bloated Las Vegas incarnation, but in the digital age the road from superstardom to irrelevance is quick, short and brutal.


Her latest album pretentiously called "ARTPOP" is on a pace to lose $25 million her herself and her label.


Gaga channeled Andy Warhol, calling "ARTPOP" a fusion of art and music. Girlfriend, I was alive during Warhol`s heyday, you are no Andy Warhol.


Gaga`s CD`s will soon be available in Walmart`s dollar bin, and a reality show is right around the corner.


Gaga is a disposable pop confection, her expiration date was yesterday, and she reeks to high heaven.


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