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Published:December 15th, 2013 11:05 EST

Walmart Employee Shoots Co-Worker's Car Over Employee of the Month Award: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Investigators say bad blood over an employee of the month award at a South Florida Wal-Mart store led to gunfire and criminal charges.


According to a Broward Sheriff`s Office arrest report last month`s employee of the month at a Deerfield Beach Wal-Mart store on South Military Trail had her car shot up by a co-worker who was angry after she won the award. Willie Mitchell is charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle."


Mitchell may win an inmate of the month award, but I doubt he will ever win an employee of the month award. The rocket scientist was caught on surveillance video from a Walmart parking lot, shooting into his co-worker`s car and then driving off. The co-worker wasn`t in her car at the time.

I`ve won an employee of the month award more than once in my life, but I never feared that one of my co-workers would be so incensed that he would plug my car full of holes. But nowadays people are so on edge, that God only knows what may set them off.

If you go to Walmart and you see an employee wearing an employee of the month ribbon, give the employee a wide berth, you don`t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Now that Mitchell has a criminal record, the best he can aspire to is a McDonald`s employee of the month award.


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