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Published:December 20th, 2013 11:28 EST

'Duck Dynasty' Family Stands by Suspended Patriarch: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Duck Dynasty stars have issued a statement amid the controversy surrounding family patriarch Phil Robertson`s anti-gay remarks. The Robertson clan says they `cannot imagine` the show without him, and that they are `in discussions` with A&E about the future of the series."


The Hollywood Reporter

On Wednesday, A&E placed Robertson on indefinite suspension after he made inflammatory comments about gays in an interview with GQ magazine.

Click this link to read Robertson`s controversial comments:

Robertson`s comments were crude and offensive, but his view on homosexuality is shared by thousands in the swamplands of Louisiana and millions in the suburbs, small towns, and cities of America.

We can debate and condemn his views, but we shouldn`t punish or censor him for expressing them. Robertson wasn`t acting as a spokesman for A&E when he expressed his view that homosexuality is a sin. He`s just a simple redneck expressing his religious views, and everybody has a right to express his religious views, however odious they may strike you.

A&E has every right to issue a statement declaring that they find Robertson`s comments offensive, but it`s an affront to freedom of speech for them to suspend him.

"Duck Dynasty" is all about the power, strength and comfort of a family unit, albeit a zany redneck family. I`m thrilled that the "Duck Dynasty" stars are standing behind their patriarch; if Phil Robertson isn`t reinstated, they should all walk.

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