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Published:December 21st, 2013 15:17 EST
Waiting with Open Arms

Waiting with Open Arms

By Ed Roberts

Waiting with open arms


It`s been two years

Since I`ve seen my grandchildren

Twenty four months

Since I held them in my arms


My son and his wife split

Went their separate ways


It was not as clean as that

It hardly seldom is


They are with her

And in so many ways

This hurts more than mere words

Can describe


She never liked us

Always tried to separate

My son and kids

From his` side of the family

We weren`t good enough

Barely tolerated by her

Only needed

When getting something was involved


I can`t imagine

What she has told them

What she still is telling them

She has done everything she can

To stop us from reaching them

Even when my grandson was in the hospital

And my wife drove hours just to see

If he was ok

She stood in the doorway

And turned her away



I could go after them

Force her into court

Just to get "visiting rights "

If I pushed hard enough

In the end

I possibly might even be able to gain their custody

But I always wonder

At what price

Would this come

So I sit here at my computer

Fighting back more tears

Tears born from words

That are ripping their way out of my heart

And I am leaving them on this page

For you

For me

And most of all

For them

Noah, Caina, Andrew and Gideon


I know the day will come

As it always does

When they leave her


Go out into this world on their own

And I pray with all my soul

That I will be here when this day comes

When they finally are able to read these words

And find us


I promise we will be waiting here

With open arms

Wanting and praying

To welcome them back



Ed Roberts 


With all my love