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Published:December 26th, 2013 21:39 EST

Robert Paul Reyes: My Top Five New Year's Resolutions

By Robert Paul Reyes


Perform one random act of kindness per month


Every month we pollute our minds with thousands of hateful thoughts, utter hundreds of thoughtless words, and commit dozens of selfish actions. One random act of kindness per month isn`t going to restore cosmic balance, but it just might make a stranger`s day special.


Write one positive essay per week

I write an average of three articles per day; I cull most of my editorials from the weird news underbelly of the Internet. Nothing reveals the veniality of human beings, and the absurdity of life like individuals caught in strange situations. I hereby resolve to pen at least one life-affirming essay per week. I figure that one positive essay by a cynic is more credible than a hundred heartwarming blogs by the likes of a perpetually-smiling Joel Osteen.


Smile at least once per day

I rarely smile, misery and frustration catches up with us countless times during a typical day. A smile is almost as infectious as a yawn, and though a smile won`t make me feel any better, it might brighten someone else`s day.


Express my gratitude more frequently

Let my start by thanking my editor Judyth Piazza for affording me this opportunity to express and share my sometimes controversial opinions with a worldwide audience.


Reply to every email I receive, the positive as well as the negative

I usually respond to positive feedback, but I generally ignore negative letters. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write me a letter, and responding to those who disagree with me will cause me to reexamine my beliefs, and see if they need refining or changing.

Dear reader, what are your New Year`s resolutions?