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Published:December 31st, 2013 12:23 EST

VA Newspaper Shuts Down Comments on Knockout Game Report for 'Hateful Nature'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Monday, Charlottesville, Virginia`s News and Arts Weekly shut down the comment section of its website on an article regarding a brutal incident of the so-called "Knockout Game` in the city`s mall " based on the `hateful nature` of the comments.


The article itself reported on victim Jeanne Doucette and her boyfriend Marc Adams being pummeled into unconsciousness by a group of three black males. Doucette caught the beating on camera. The newspaper stated:

The editor-in-chief for the site, Giles Morris, warned commenters that their posts could be deleted:

Dear Readers, This is a local news story about an alleged assault that occurred on our Downtown Mall. Please do not use this comment stream as a forum for social diatribes, for racist ranging, or for expressing anger. We will delete you. "

Truth Revolt

A newspaper or Web site has an obligation, indeed a responsibility, to its readers not to publish racist commentary.

But the Virginia News and Arts Weekly crossed the line from responsible journalism into censorship by shutting down its comments section because readers had the temerity to express anger.

There is a lot of anger in the general population because the mainstream media isn`t doing its due diligence by reporting on the racial angle of the "Knockout Game" Rarely is it mentioned on  TV news programs or in print media that in almost all cases the perpetrators of the Knockout Game are black thugs and the victims innocent whites.

For morons who are in denial that there`s a racial dimension to the "Knockout Game,"  it`s instructive to note that it`s also called "The Polar Bear Hunting Game."

The comments section of newspapers is about the only place where we get the unvarnished truth: The "Knockout Game" is a criminal pastime whereby black criminals prey on white, Asian and Hispanic citizens, seemingly with impunity.

Eric Holder`s Justice Department has chosen to charge only one individual with a federal hate crime for assaulting someone under the guise of the Knockout Game: In this case the rare exception of a white person knocking out a black man.

The Virginia News and Arts Weekly needs to do a better job of editing the comment section, instead of shutting it down. Throwing away the baby with the bath water, should never be an option.

Americans are angry that the racial aspect of the "Knockout Game" is ignored by the media, and that black civil rights leaders aren`t speaking out against this racial violence. If citizens aren`t allowed to vent their frustration, don`t be surprised if innocent black citizens become victims of this vile game.

I reject racial discrimination, racial epithets and racially-motivated violence, and I urge Americans, of all ethnicities to speak out against the odious and racially-motivated violence of the Knockout Game.

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