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Published:January 3rd, 2014 08:29 EST
Gary Lee Bullock`s Behavior Is Described as 'Erratic;' How So?

Gary Lee Bullock`s Behavior Is Described as 'Erratic;' How So?

By John G. Kays

What was wrong with Gary Lee Bullock?  Was he intoxicated when arrested near Garberville, California (67 miles south of Eureka)? But what was the nature of his erratic behavior that motivated the Eureka jailers to send him in for a psychological evaluation at the hospital? Subsequently, Gary`s sent back to jail; so what led to that decision? Then, why did the authorities release him from incarceration just after midnight (that would be New Year`s Day)?

Furthermore, and this is the greatest shocker, the authorities are called because Bullock was acting suspicious very nearby the jail, and merely five yards from the St. Bernard Church, where a very popular priest, Reverend Eric Freed was later found (having died a violent death).

The sequence of events associated with Gary Lee Bullock`s activities and movements on New Year`s Eve and on New Year`s Day (as reported in the news) is most confusing to me, and I suspect a bit baffling to you as well. I had to reread the Associated Press piece several times, then cross reference it with other sources, such as ABC, CNN, and The Los Angeles Times. Okay, so I seem to be digesting this finally, when the police answered this after 2 AM call (when Bullock was just 5 feet from the jail), they didn`t think he was intoxicated, so they just referred him to an emergency shelter.

Yea, I know, after he had already spent about 8 hours in jail for pretty much the same type of behavior! Well, I`ve yet to read any news source that describes more precisely what Bullock`s behavior was really like. Was he hearing voices? Was he speaking out in rambling paranoid or hostile phrases (such as I often see street people do here in Austin)? Was he dancing around or was he making unusual gesticulations? I`m not joking, since the nature of the word erratic is so general, it could mean nearly anything! 

As the troubled timeline for Gary proceeds in Eureka, early on the morn of the New Year, the next event coming after the shelter recommendation, is, a security guard sees Bullock (or the person he sees matches his description) near the rectory of  the St. Bernard Church, and asks him to leave. The Los Angeles Times reported that video surveillance tape supports the security guard`s story. Yes, Gary Bullock was at the church where Rev. Eric Freed was brutally murdered (the weapon used was at the scene, but hasn`t been revealed yet), sometime after 2 AM.

Therefore, we can deduce this was the time and place when the murder occurred. That is, the security guard must have seen him just after he did it. Gary must have had Freed`s car keys with him when spotted by this yet unidentified security guard; the vehicle was a 2010 Nissan hybrid, which later was found parked near to where Bullock was arrested. It looks like Gary returned to Garberville, which is where he`d originally gotten arrested on the 31st. Don`t know what the connection is to this locale in southern Humboldt County.

With this incriminating evidence in mind, it would lead one to believe that robbery was the motive. But exactly when did Gary eye this Nissan hybrid and decide he`d like to have it for himself? How did he know it belonged to the priest? Had he ever seen Rev. Eric Freed drive the car before? Another thing is, he couldn`t have been completely out of his mind; a great deal of planning and premeditation is required to do what he did. And killing such a great man such as Rev. Freed puts a sharper focus on who Gary Bullock really is, what was going through his mind these past few weeks, and how he got in the bad place that he ended up in. And then there`s the issue of how the laws (unknowingly) lend a hand in his behavior; they kept letting him out and he just got crazier and crazier after they did so (is the only way I can think to phrase it)!,0,7173139.story#axzz2pK949fDx