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Published:January 5th, 2014 10:57 EST

Outrage: Del Taco Introduces 150-Calorie Turkey Taco

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just in time for your New Year`s resolutions, Del Taco added lean ground turkey to its menu Thursday. Customers can now order turkey tacos and turkey CrunchTada tostadas (Del Taco`s version of a taco pizza). 


It is the first Mexican fast-food chain to offer turkey as a protein option and is advertising that the 150-calorie tacos contain 33% less fat than the beef version of the dish."

Los Angeles Times

Eating a Taco Bell taco made from filler and a dash of ground beef, with grease dripping down my chin, is as close to heaven as I will ever get.

The Del Taco fast food restaurant chain which specializes in American-style Mexican cuisine will never pose a serious threat to Taco Bell as long as they feature abominations such as a lean ground turkey taco on their menu.

The Deal Taco Turkey taco may contain only 150 calories, but it tastes like a cat fur ball with Mexican seasoning.

Fast food purists of the world unite! Boycott Del Taco until they banish the turkey taco from their menu!

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