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Published:January 7th, 2014 12:07 EST

Coonrippy Running For Governor To Get His Raccoon Back: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Tennessee man who lost his pet raccoon after a video of him showering with his other raccoon went viral on YouTube is running for governor in order to get back his faithful companion.


Mark Coonrippy  Brown will take on Governor Bill Haslam in the Republican primary this August in a bid that he hopes will get Rebekah away from state wildlife officials and back into his arms."


Wildlife officials seized Coonrippy`s pet raccoon Rebekah, a raccoon is considered a wild animal and it`s illegal in Tennessee to own one as a pet.

Coonrippy has only himself to blame, authorities would never have known that he kept raccoons as pets if he hadn`t posted dozens of videos showing him dancing and showering with the nocturnal mammals.

Now Coonrippy is running for Governor is a bid to get Rebekah away from state wildlife officials. I guess you have to be ripped on moonshine to understand how Coonrippy`s quixotic run for governor will result in him getting his raccoon back.

Raccoons are intelligent but wild and mean critters, and you`d have to be a whacked-out hillbilly to try to domesticate them.

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