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Published:January 10th, 2014 18:12 EST

Bridgegate Has Destroyed Chris Christie's Presidential Aspirations! Fat Bully Is Toast!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bullies are an inescapable fact of life; we`ve all faced bullies whether it`s a supervisor, a neighbor or the head of the homeowner`s association.



A bully`s ability to wreak havoc is only constrained by the influence and power of his position. The head of a homeowner`s association can fine a homeowner for hanging purple drapes, but a governor can capriciously close lanes on the busiest bridge in the United States and inconvenience millions of commuters. If Christie became President of the United States he would make Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a fat bully, who likes throwing his weight around,  literally and figuratively.


Gov. Christie`s top aides choked off traffic to a small town as political retribution against the mayor for not endorsing his gubernatorial campaign.


An argument could be made that Christie was unaware of the political machinations of his underlings, and that he`s guilty only of creating an atmosphere that tolerates bullying and political chicanery.


But Christie, like all bullies, is an anal-retentive mean-spirited and venial man, who keeps his underlings on a short leash. I would bet the farm that he personally ordered his subordinates to close the lanes at the George Washington Bridge in September.


The only question is was Christie smart enough to insulate himself, or will an electronic trail reveal him as the petty bully who organized the traffic fiasco?


Even if Christie was smart and lucky enough to cover his tracks, he can`t hide his bullying nature, and he`s toast. There is no way in hell this fat bastard will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.


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