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Published:January 11th, 2014 18:27 EST

Dude Drove Station Wagon Into Store, Stole A Banana

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Connecticut said they are searching for a man who crashed a station wagon into a convenience store and stole a single banana.


Police said surveillance video of the 1:45 a.m. Wednesday incident shows a man repeatedly backing a station wagon into the glass doors of the Citgo Gas Station in Newington until the glass broke."


Gas station convenience stores are a rip off, they will charge you and arm a leg for basic items.

This dude probably tried to buy a banana during the day, and balked at the purchase when he found out it was priced ridiculously at $5.

Naturally, he came back in the middle of the night, backed his station wagon into the glass doors, and calmly and casually peeled and ate the banana before taking off.

The most interesting part about this offbeat story is that the thief was driving a station wagon, who the hell drives a station wagon these days?

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