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Published:January 16th, 2014 07:56 EST
Why Did a Young Man Shoot Two People To Death at a Martin`s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana?

Why Did a Young Man Shoot Two People To Death at a Martin`s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana?

By John G. Kays

"That`s today`s society, unfortunately. We live in that world. There is not a day that goes by it seems anymore that we arn`t learning about a school shooting or at a business. We hope this would never come to our hometown, and here it is. " Sgt. Trent Smith - Indiana State Police *(news conference after the shooting last night)

A young man walks into a Martin`s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana (110 miles east of Chicago) late Wednesday evening (around 10 PM), and begins shooting people. Why? Was it random, or did he know any of the employees? One of his victims was a female employee of Martin`s, in her late teens or early 20s, and the other targeted (or possibly arbitrary) victim was a female shopper in her mid-40s. The two shot dead by a yet unknown gunman (who also brought along a large knife to the scene of his intended crime) were on opposite sides of the store, at least 12 aisles apart.

Okay, so eventually (perhaps just a few minutes after he began his deadly shooting spree) city police arrive on the scene, engage in a shoot-out with this young man, killing him also; so this makes it three dead, but what`s behind this madness? The first thing I thought of was Cormac McCarthy`s No Country For Old Men, `cuz I just got through reading his book and watching the movie as well, and I remembered what Sgt. Trent Smith had said when describing the nature of the shooting. To state it simply, the world is going mad!

I might add, the Indiana State Police responded to the Martin`s Super Market (which was founded in 1947, and operates 21 stores in Indiana and Michigan [Reuters] scene, since the Elkhart Police were directly involved in the shootout and some objectivity needs to be injected into the investigation. The crime scene itself is very large, with bodies lying about and lots of shell casings distributed randomly on the store floor; we may learn soon just exactly how many rounds were fired.

Naturally, all of us are curious to know the identity of the shooter and why he decided to inflict this violence. The few bare-bones stories I`ve read, since it was just breaking the news wire, said they suspected he was a local resident of Elkhart (which only has a population of 50,000). I wonder how they knew this, but in putting two and two together, detectives probably just looked at his driver`s license, which has his address printed on the front. But what about the weapon he used?

No mention yet of its specific make, but we hear it was a large-caliber, semi-automatic handgun. So where`d this kid get it? Was it registered? And why did he bring a large knife with him? What kind of knife was it? It`s hard to understand, bringing this large knife, when he already had a powerful firearm to exact his destruction! 

Did he know someone working for Martin`s? It`s got to be true, if we hope to make any sense of this senseless violence. We`ll learn more today; in the meantime, I scratch my head in disbelief. Something very strange going on in our society right now (as referenced by Sgt. Smith)!