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Published:January 17th, 2014 11:51 EST

Outrage: Old Folks Take Over McDonald's, Refuse to Leave! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The meaning of the word fast may have been lost on some customers at a Queens fast food restaurant.

McDonald`s has long prided itself on its ability to make customers say "I`m loving it,` especially with its new McCafe atmosphere. But at one location in Flushing, elderly customers are sticking around for hours, CBS 2 "s Don Champion reported Wednesday."


CBS News

These elderly troublemakers enter the Golden Arches in gangs of eight to ten, buy one cup of coffee each, and commandeer tables for hours at a time.

These old folks don`t have anything to do, other than to make life miserable for other McDonald`s customers. Regular folks have to either eat standing up, or order their food to go, because all the seats are taken by blue-haired old ladies and bald old men.

This intolerable situation has been going on for years, but management recently posted a sign reminding customers of a 20-minute dining rule. If these elderly scofflaws stay a second beyond 20 minutes the store employees should unceremoniously kick them to the curb.

Management should wise up and in addition to the sign they should blast hip hop, I guarantee that would get rid of the old folks.

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