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Published:January 30th, 2014 12:58 EST

Weather Icon Jim Cantore Knees Student In Groin During Live TV Shot: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore was covering a winter storm in South Carolina Tuesday night when he found himself fighting off a video bomber.


He was giving an update from the campus of the College of Charleston when an apparent college student came running at him, yelling. With barely a reaction, Cantore pivoted right, lifted a knee and dealt the man a blow to his groin. Then Cantore just kept talking."

Chicago Tribune

Jim Cantore isn`t a meek meteorologist; he`s a macho weather dude who`s reported from the scenes of tornados and Category 5 hurricanes.

The stupid college kid should have known better than to video bomb Cantore while he was covering a winter storm.

Cantore, a true professional, dealt the moron a blow to his groin, without breaking stride; he just kept right on talking.

Cantore doesn`t play, not when it comes to the weather.

When the students at the College of Charleston find the fool, clutching his nuts, and screaming in a high-pitched voice, they should shun him for bringing shame to their college.

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