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Published:January 31st, 2014 15:36 EST
LUST: A Book That Live on Your Night Stand

LUST: A Book That Live on Your Night Stand

By SOP newswire2

"Diana Raab in this daring book offers what shouldn`t be so remarkable, yet is, a fearless detailing of intimacy, of blissful `acts of kindness,` of that worshipful sexuality which forms our birth- and adult-right. LUST celebrates the sacred `everlasting eros` that we must admit most interests us, the giving and taking, the ultimate bonding, the very enlightenment through glories of the body. She sings `your oasis in the midst of me,` and bless her for it!"--Barry Spacks, Poet Emeritus of the City of Santa Barbara

In the lyric tradition of Anaïs Nin, Rumi and Lady Murasaki, award-winning poet Diana Raab celebrates eros. In her new book LUST (Valentine`s Day 2014), she writes of carnal desire and explores the transcendence of sexual ecstasy.

These accessible poems will be treasured by both men and women of all ages. Raab grapples with universal themes as she voices the pain of loneliness and explores the heart`s yearning for love and sexual ecstasy. 

A passionate journey through private moments, Raab`s poems are alive, titillating, and seductive as they traverse the physical and emotional complexity of love. In the process, they help readers navigate the risks of intimacy with the insight that every experience "whether painful, joyful or out of the ordinary "enriches our lives. 

LUST is a book that will live on your bedside table. A perfect Valentine`s Day gift, it is a book readers will turn to again and again.

DIANA RAAB is a poet, memoirist and blogger. She is the award-winning author of eight books, over 300 articles and poems, and editor of two anthologies, Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency, and Writers and Their Notebooks.

Raab`s two memoirs are Regina`s Closet: Finding My Grandmother`s Secret Journal and Healing With Words: A Writer`s Cancer Journey. She has published three previous poetry collections. A regular blogger for The Huffington Post, she writes a weekly blog called, Literary Musings, " and a blogger for BrainSpeak.


"LUST will make you fall head-over- heels in love with words. Words that are strung together, knotted like a perfect strand of opera length pearls. Some read like heartbreaking short stories. Some read like pieces of your soul. Some read like scented love-letters. Some like tearful, regretful voice messages. If you want to have a love affair with the written word, please, read this collection. It will make you a believer. Or maybe ... just maybe, it will make you a believer in the pure absolute beauty of Diana Raab."--Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney

The themes of LUST, the transcendence of sexual ecstasy, the range of its expression, the sorrow of its temporality, the surprise of its renewal in maturity, the physicality of its intimacy, are, at once, timeless and as contemporary as Raab`s short leather skirt and an espresso shared at Starbucks."--Tristine Rainer , author of The New Diary: How to Use a Journal for Self-guidance and Expanded Creativity.