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Published:February 4th, 2014 11:10 EST
Horror Author, Deno Sandz Releases "ICABOB SHAW"

Horror Author, Deno Sandz Releases "ICABOB SHAW"

By SOP newswire2

Horror Author, Deno Sandz, has announced the upcoming release of his 2014 anticipated book, "ICABOB SHAW" at (paperback/kindle.)  This latest novel is a wicked tale of terror against human reality itself and opens the unseen door to the other world of darkness, that`s been here before time. 

It`s about a small town in New Orleans called: Crossin Center, " that`s engulfed with an evil vengeance from the past; a descendent of Father Francois who blessed a whetted teeth chain and a lock with the words, Unrested Souls, " burned in it and this descendent travels to this town to be their savior, two brothers whose blood flows with the history of their Granny, and Captain Nolte, the ancestor of the one who nailed up the Crossin Center cemetery sign.

Again, Sandz engulfs visualization, creativity, and imagination, as he befriends his pen to create a plot of horror fiction that emphasizes the determination and destiny of Good -vs- Evil.  With his literary location, Sandz enhances an image of a small tormented town in a realistic St. of living souls, who would not believe in such happenings.   ICABOB SHAW "MAKe EVIl RUn SCAREd.    


Contact: Deno Sandz for actual release date.