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Published:February 4th, 2014 15:38 EST

Syrian Couple Opens a Restaurant Dubbed 'The Bomb' in Detroit: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Syrian couple opening a Detroit area restaurant called `The Bomb` said they want to invoke the slang term for `awesome` rather than terrorism."



I applaud George and Rana Kasar for disdaining political-correctness, and choosing such an explosive name for their restaurant.

With its miles and miles of dilapidated and abandoned houses Detroit resembles parts of Syria that have been bombed into oblivion. I would expect Detroit and Syria to have at least one eatery named "The Bomb."

The Bomb will serve both Middle Eastern and other dishes, and the specialty of the house will be  "The Bomb Fajita."

George and Rana Kasar should be applauded for opening a business in a bankrupt and deserted city.

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