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Published:February 7th, 2014 11:40 EST

Singing Bass Scares Away Burglar: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As fish tales go, this is one more that sounds too good to be true - but it is true.

A motion-activated novelty singing fish known as Big Mouth Billy Bass apparently scared off a burglar at a bait and tackle shop in Rochester, Minn. 


According to CBS Minnesota, authorities say the `singing bass` had been hung near the door and would start belting out `Take Me to the River` whenever someone entered the shop. 

CBS News

The Singing Bass scared or annoyed the bad guy so much that he decided to flee the bait and tackle shop.

The would-be burglar left without stealing anything, including cash that had been left out in the open.

The Singing Bass appeals to morons with the brains of a dead fish; I think we all have a friend who turns on the Singing Bass every time we visit to the point where we question our sanity.

Any burglar worth his salt would have smashed the Singing Bass into smithereens.


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