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Published:February 13th, 2014 12:18 EST

McDonald's Accepting Reservations for Valentine's Day: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two Tampa-area McDonalds are offering couples a chance to have romantic dinner together under the golden arches.


A Dale Mabry location will be transformed into a sit-down restaurant and will be decorated with plenty of red and flowers and hearts everywhere.

Servers will change out their usual fast food uniforms for dressier clothes and offer table service and refills."

Orlando Sentinel

If you have a high-maintenance girlfriend who demands red roses, diamonds and a dinner at an expensive restaurant for Valentine`s Day, kick the pampered diva to the curb.

A practical and considerate woman will be more than grateful if her boyfriend invites her to a romantic dinner under the Golden Arches. If she wants some swag with the dinner, buy her a kid`s meal and let her keep the toy.

I`m loving the Valentine`s Day at McDonald`s promotion, there`s nothing more romantic than watching the love of your life biting down on a Big Mac with special sauce dripping down her chin.

Dude, wake up and stop letting your girlfriend bleed you dry on Valentine`s Day, take her to McDonald`s for Valentine`s Day, splurge a little bit and get her a McFlurry for dessert.

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