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Published:February 21st, 2014 14:08 EST
In 'True Detective, Episode V (The Secret Fate of All Life),' Are Potts and Kittles Really Trying to Set Up Marty Hart?

In 'True Detective, Episode V (The Secret Fate of All Life),' Are Potts and Kittles Really Trying to Set Up Marty Hart?

By John G. Kays

True Detective, Episode V (The Secret Fate of All Life) is causing me problems; well, I decided to re-watch Episode IV (What Goes There), thinking that would better prepare me for what goes down in V. This is what I ended up doing, then I felt as if it was okay to view V again, hoping for clearer comprehension. I believe that`s what happened, although I ended up walking away with the feeling that Potts and Kittles were barking up the wrong tree, when they became accusatory towards a burned out Rust Cohle. Well, to back that up a bit, maybe they were just trying to set up Marty Hart, who`s gradually emerging as a bit of a wacko-case himself!

I hope you`ll join me, `cuz after a second viewing and quite a bit of head scratchin` (while on my walk), I`m probably more confused than I was after my first viewing. I can excuse myself with the thought that Nic Pizzolatto is a really good writer and is confusing us on purpose so we`ll keep watchin`, if not each part multiple times. Maggie Furlong, writing for Yahoo TV, is helping me to see it better; she points out, Cohle investigates the abandoned Tuttle schoolhouse as if he`s processing a crime scene, not as if he`s a criminal returning to revel in his past dirty work. And somebody (probably the real ritual killer) is watching him as he studies the odd-lookin` black stars and the usual satanic stick sculpture.

No, I don`t think Coyle could be The Yellow King; yet, I do think Coyle uncovered enough in 2002 to realize who the Real YK is. This is my theory for why Coyle ducks out at that time. Rust gets paranoid, knows who he (The Yellow King) is, and it dawns on him quickly, he better get out of Dodge before he gets a pair of buck antlers posted on his face. Do I think Coyle suspected his partner Marty? YEA! Well, Maggie Furlong spins some nice copy, making a case for why the Freakoid may be Hart. I`ll let you study her theories, but I`ll say, chills ran down my spine when remembering that Woody has yellow hair in some scenes.

This may have been the reason why, as of late, I`m starting to think Potts and Kittles are a little smarter than we might originally sense they are. With this in mind, they`re fillin` Marty`s ears with their suspicions of Cohle, when actually they are attempting a trip up on Marty, who they really have much more on. I mean, having photos of Cohle at the new one at Lake Charles is no big deal to me. The long hair and drinking Lone Star cans (until the cows come home) is just a characteristic guise for Rust, who`s a veteran undercover detective. 

He`s still doing it in 2012, but he needs to keep his distance from both Marty and from the Task Force, who he equally suspects after they set him up in 2002, with the PCP Killer. The PCP Killer purportedly committed suicide, but Cohle is convinced that the Task Force had to kill him because he knew too much; I mean, he knew who The Yellow King was. It looks like someone in the task force wanted to frame Cohle for the prisoner`s murder; this is another reason why Rust was so spooked, and motivates him into this Lizard King lost-in-the-desert routine, where he`s a hippie cowpoke with a Marlboro spilling out of his lips. 

Well, don`t forget, it was Marty who blew away a handcuffed Reggie Ledeaux. Ledeaux is privy to the true identity of The Yellow King, but he`s only an accomplice, providing LSD and crank for the real demon(s) who sacrificed Dora Kelly Lange, amongst others. But is Marty smart enough, or capable enough, to put these crimes together? My instincts tell me NO WAY! And what`s this we`re hearing about the pup-tent preacher, Joel Theriot, getting knocked off in 2010? Perhaps some light will be shed on this elimination (did he know The Yellow King?), in a future episode (only 3 left, so they better make it quick). Billy Lee Tuttle owned the haunted School of the True Way devastated by Andrew; here`s where I`m leaning.