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Published:February 21st, 2014 10:19 EST

Obama Must Deport Justin Bieber! Video! Sign the Petition to Deport Bieber!

By Robert Paul Reyes



"Deporting Justin Bieber has become the second most popular petition in the three-year history of President Obama`s online petition program, tapping a depth of anger at the Canadian pop singer  and leaving the White House to ponder how to respond.


With more than 260,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon, the petition is ahead of other `favorites such as building a `death star` or legalizing marijuana. Indeed, the only petition to have gained more signatures was a 2012 plea asking that Westboro Baptist Church be declared a hate group."

The Washington Times

In the last couple of years the teen heartthrob has been arrested for DUI, drag racing, assaulting a photographer and felony vandalism. If Obama deported the pop star, the United States crime statistics would fall precipitously.

I realize that President Obama has a lot on his plate: The Obamacare fiasco, trying to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the war in Afghanistan, and not to mention the chaos in Ukraine and Venezuela.

But it`s incumbent on Obama to address the Bieber situation immediately; the honor of our great country is at stake.

Deporting Bieber is morally right and politically expedient, nothing would unite our country more than our president taking decisive action, for a change, and kicking the Canadian brat to the curb.

Obama shouldn`t worry about a political backlash, tweens may vote for their favorite American Idol contestants, but they aren`t eligible to vote in the mid-term elections.

Obama: For God`s sake deport Justin Bieber Now!

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