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Published:February 24th, 2014 15:34 EST
Helicopter picture from HS&C's main site

HS&C Concierge Strives to Make Dreams Come True

By William Giorgio

Haider Sultan, the founder of HS&C Concierge Services, sat down with the Student Operated Press`s own Judyth Piazza for an interview on February 16. Sultan`s company provides "executive chauffered transportation, jet charters, exotic car rentals, travel companions,
models, and special events management."  The company has been in business since February 14, 2005, and is located in Cherry Hill, NJ, and provides its services in Florida, New York, Dubai, and, of course, New Jersey.

Sultan`s company is all about making "dreams come true."  In the interview, he shows great interest in giving people the chance to open the doors to experiences they thought would be impossible. 

"I`ve got people out there, [...] and we will pull strings together to make it happen for them," Sultan said, "and it just gives me the pleasure, just thinking of this guy who [...] has this dream to have dinner in Paris, and we just put it together for him. They just fly down there, have a nice dinner in front of the Eiffel Tower, and fly back here."

Since starting his business, Sultan has won two Businessman of the Year awards, one in 2009 and the other in 2011.  HS&C`s Facebook page boasts a 5-star rating (based on 8 ratings).  One reviewer said that HS&C had "great service and [a] great team," and "[he] will recommend this company to all [his] friends and co-workers."

Sultan states that what makes his business stand out is how it treats its customers.  "We offer them personalized service.  [...] For me, they are not clients.  We treat them as our friends.  I always call my clients `my friends` and `family` of my business, because for corporations, most of the clients are an account number or a tagline.  For me, they are a family.  We treat them as our friends, and it`s just helping each other out."

Sultan`s advice to people who want to be successful, "always do what you enjoy, always do what you`re passionate, and [...] don`t go `till 9 to 5, just do what you enjoy."  He also stated that, "you have to be honest with yourself to be honest with other people, and business is not about making money, it`s about satisfying your customers."

The company is going to be holding a dinner reception and fashion show at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, FL on July 27th.  The fashion show will showcase Eastern-style bridal and formal wear provided by a new designer, who Sultan says is a "high profile client" of his.  Originally, it was going to be held at Villa Vizcaya, but it had to be relocated due to both a timing issue, and the fact that Sultan would be facing $85,000 in taxes, and he didn`t want to pay that exorbitant price.

As the event rolls around this summer, Sultan will hopefully continue to make peoples` dreams come true.

For more information, please go to the following:
HS&C Facebook page:
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July 27 Dinner and Fashion Show Facebook Event:

HS&C Phone: (856) 295-1347

Listen to radio interview with Judyth Piazza: