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Published:February 25th, 2014 10:04 EST
In Leanne Bearden`s Travel Blog, No Clues of Instability Leading to Her Suicide!

In Leanne Bearden`s Travel Blog, No Clues of Instability Leading to Her Suicide!

By John G. Kays

I don`t have any inside information, but nevertheless, Leanne Hecht Bearden`s suicide is a total mystery to me and makes absolutely no sense at all! All I can do is study the world travel blog of Josh and Leanne (which is vast, with two years of entries), looking for clues that would tell me something about her frame of mind, or anything which would point to a label of unstable, which was slowly and reluctantly imposed on her after she went missing, on January 17th. I`ve only examined 5 entries so far, but haven`t noticed anything that`s so obvious and sticks out; actually, it`s just the opposite. Leanne is intelligent, funny, entertaining, a good writer, and appears to be strong, with sharpened survival instincts that are hard to deny!

Well, perhaps the unstable condition didn`t appear until Leanne had already returned to the States. There was mention that she had lined up a job interview (by phone) on the day she walked away from her in-laws house. The pressure to merge back into everyday life at home (which would include getting a job), must have been tremendous. Especially, the financial aspect of it; how much money did the Bearden`s go through in their two year trip? Were they burdened with debt once they`d returned? Why did they stay abroad for so long? Why not, say, travel for 3 months? How about 6 months? Would that be long enough to satisfy some burning wanderlust? Why be gone nearly 2 years?

Before I forget it, I must apologize for saying in my last piece that the blog had been removed; I will say, however, I tried 2 different links and they both were dead ends. An email by a reader was sent to me which provided me with an active link to the blog, so I have a lot to look at, as far as making an assessment about what I think Leanne was up to, or what she was thinking at any one particular moment. Her style is fairly casual, something along the lines of many other travel blogs, I should think (I must confess, I haven`t looked at that many). Adding to my contrarian theory, which is slowly emerging, Leanne`s spelling, grammar, and sentence usage are flawless, as far as I can tell (as opposed to my own), and the photos in the blog are beautiful and clear to behold!

My method was to pigeon-hole randomly through the blog, picking radically contrasting times, thinking this might suggest an evolving or fluctuating state of mind; then later, I would re-read the blog in real sequential time, testing whether I get a different picture from when I used the random method. I read carefully through 5 entries this morning: 3/4-3/11/2012, 11/24-12/01/2013, 3/17-3/24/2013, 12/08-12/15/2013, and lastly, 2/24-3/03/2013. A short and sweet analysis, would be that a couple were as happy as punch and discovered one exciting adventure after another! This has to be wrong, but that`s what I`m seeing.

Naturally, somethings might have been left out or hidden by Leanne, but I didn`t sense that a great deal was excluded. I could be wrong in my hunch, though. She mentioned Josh needing a root canal one time in India, so she wasn`t afraid to include some of the hard times in the trip. And then in Bolivia, which was towards the end of their journeys, she included a pic of a soldier statue, where the chap had pulled out the heart of some other poor enemy. This was shocking to me, but lets me know, Leanne provides the audience with a balanced account (good and bad) of their travels. Once, the couple even saw a man shooting a gun at some escaping thief in Argentina; this was the most dangerous incident they encountered during their travels.

The photos and accounts are very interesting; Ms Bearden is filled with life and seems to revel in the moment, whether it`s India, Argentina, Bolivia, or Africa. As for myself, the photos are so clear, I feel like I am there with them and can project myself into the scene without too much difficulty. And I`ve only barely scratched the surface, as far as examining some of their other destinations. It`s still preliminary, but is it possible that both of them just couldn`t face up to normal lives, what with jobs or just staying in one place all the time? I know in my life, I`ve often felt like I just didn`t want to work at a day job; yet, reality sinks in, if you don`t work you don`t eat, the Repo Man will repo your wheels, and the electric company will turn off your lights. But this is not a reason to kill yourself, is it?