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Published:February 26th, 2014 11:04 EST
In the King City, California Police Scandal, How Exactly Did the 'Free Cars for Cops Scheme' Work?

In the King City, California Police Scandal, How Exactly Did the 'Free Cars for Cops Scheme' Work?

By John G. Kays

Police corruption stories are a dime a dozen, but the shapes in which this new case in King City, California are taking on, are unique from any others I`ve experienced in my lifetime. I had to take a look at a map of King City (clueless), which is about 125 miles south of San Francisco (and 51 miles southeast of Salinas), hugging the pacific coast on U.S. Route 101. Okay, so now I know better where it is, and furthermore, I notice the population (from the 2010 census) is approximately 12, 874, but Hispanics make up 11, 266 of that number (this is more than 80%). This is telling me something unsavory about the FREE CARS FOR COPS SCHEME, going down over several years in King City!

I was able to digest what went on with these corrupt police officers by reading most of the articles covering the breaking scandal on the internet. However, I walked away with many unanswered questions in mind, and maybe feeling as if I was more curious about the backstory of this sleazy scam, just exactly how it worked, and whether the racial profiling of Hispanics angle lies at the heart of this sickening matter. Naturally, I assumed it did, but the Monterey County District Attorney, Dean Flippo, in his press conference, didn`t really elaborate the particulars of the scheme, other than to say Spanish speakers` cars had been impounded permanently (stolen, I guess, would be a better word).

One item that was terribly disturbing to me, was that the gravest offender is said to be Sgt. Bobby Carrillo, who has had more than 200 of the vehicles of poor Hispanics confiscated (towed), mostly by Miller Towing (owned by Brian Albert Miller, brother of the Chief of Police, Bruce Miller, who`s also taken a tumble). As you well know, Sgt. Carrillo has either kept or sold, every 10th or 15th of these purloined cars, or given them away to some his confederates, sharing in the spoils. At the same time, Sgt. Carrillo is Hispanic himself; this means he is doing this to his own people! How could he bring himself to betray his own people with such treacherous greed? Inconceivable!

What I`m getting at, is how did he get there? How did the timeline evolve? What are some of its milestones? I strongly suspect this (such an allegation wasn`t specifically mentioned in any of the news coverage), but did Carrillo and his partners target illegal aliens, knowing they probably wouldn`t (or couldn`t) retaliate, and attempt to get their vehicles back? Were the locals aware of what was going on? Were they afraid to come forward? What was the pretense primarily used by the corrupt King City cops? Why didn`t Dean Flippo explain more clearly how the scam worked? And how long had it been going on?

It appears as if the town is dead right now; I suppose the locals are swooning from shock, knowing that nearly the entire police force has just been arrested. They had to have known what these cops were up to, but just turned their eyes, possibly afraid they`d get it too if they spoke out. The only clue I got about how the operation worked comes from an AP piece, which appeared in the Huffington Post. A local businessman Greg Bailey, owner of Bailey`s Gym, told the press that many of the Hispanics didn`t have car insurance, so I`ll assume, this must have been the pretense used by the cops to take these people`s cars. Were they arrested too? Were the majority of these Hispanics illegal aliens?

This looks ugly for all involved; it even gives California a black eye. A rotund Chief Bruce Miller, when exiting jail himself and talking to a reporter, acted like he was in total disbelief for what had just happened to him, namely getting arrested on bribery charges. Perhaps he thinks it`s okay to extort property from poor people who so happen to be Hispanic! Let`s hope that local news outlets from California will provide us with a more complete rendition of how this operation worked, and why it could continue on for such a long time. Did any King City citizens ever remember seeing Carrillo (or one of his buddies) driving around town in one of their neighbors cars?,0,4286205.story#axzz2uRJHzf4v