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Published:February 27th, 2014 13:16 EST
In True Detective, Episode VI (Haunted Houses), Does Marty Realize the Task Force Was Behind Dora Lange?

In True Detective, Episode VI (Haunted Houses), Does Marty Realize the Task Force Was Behind Dora Lange?

By John G. Kays

The man with the scars was the worse...the Giant. Kelly Rita - Catatonic victim of DeWall & Ledoux *(No, I haven`t taken a vacation to Colorado, Wiseguy!)

In my thinking, I`ve been making lots of mistakes in my retention of the plot of HBO`s True Detective (and in my analysis); well, I partially forgive myself, since Nic Pizzolatto is a very canny television screenplay writer *(Terence Winter is the only one I can come up with that`s an equal to Pizzolatto). Or, alternatively, I may be a bit of a dumbbell; I`ll have to dismiss that scenario, since I need to survive with myself and feel comfortable in my own skin (ya know, hey, I`m a huge creative genius who gets thing easily). 

But when it comes to Part VI (Haunted Houses), I found myself getting mixed up again; I mean, the way Nic plays around with time: one minute it`s 2012 (with Gilbough and Papania [was calling them Potts and Kittles {their real names} on my last TD entry]), the next it`s 2002, then it may flashback to 1995 or perhaps to 1988, you never can tell. I use Hurricane Andrew (1992) and Katrina (2005) as familiar time milestones, with regards to this murky, swampy Louisiana landscape. Alright, so what I started doing, is writing down the time (in a Marble Memo pad) when things happen; this is really helping me a lot, I`m tuning in better now!

Maybe I`m not as clairvoyant as Rust Cohle, but I`m penetrating his thought process with a bit more precision, I fancy, and am convinced he`s on to something big when he pays Billy Lee Tuttle a visit (in 2002), at his Tuttle Ministry headquarters. Now be clear on this, I have it written down in my notes, Billy Lee Tuttle ODed on drugs in 2010! Cohle is HOT on Tuttle`s trail because he got some good information from this preacher character (calls him Austen Ferrar in VI, not Joel Theriot?) with the gigantic chops, who`s now a drunkard, after having been dismissed from Tuttle Ministries when he uncovered a semi-child pornography ring of sorts.

Don`t neglect to review the WellSpring Program, which was shuttered in 1988; well, Billy Lee (perhaps a darker version of Billy Graham) tells Cohle (in 2002) he plans on reviving it. Eureka! My writing down the timeline pays a huge Jackpot; Tuttle couldn`t have done Lake Charles, since it occurred not too terribly before Gilbough and Papania interview Rust, who looks disheveled now with long hair, laid back threads, and he drinks like a fish (Lone Star cans no less?). Remember, the interviews take place in 2012 and Billy Lee checks out two years before what looks like the present (as far as this HBO miniseries goes).

Okay, so Tuttle didn`t do Lake Charles! That doesn`t mean, however, he wasn`t part of this ritualistic killer cult, I`m convinced he was my friend. But what if his confederates, suspecting he was about to spill the beans (their trade secrets), had to snuff him out, to keep him mum for all time. My reading on the tea leaves tell me this is how it went down; Cohle was all over him like white on rice, back in 2002, so what makes you think he hadn`t uncovered even more slimy stuff (BAD BS) by, say, 2010? As good a detective as Rust is (was), you know he did! But who are his conspiratorial, murderous co-conspirators? More of the Task Force crew?

Okay, so Marty and Rust had their falling out in 2002, probably mostly over Cohle having a fling with his ex, Maggie (Michelle Monaghan is running a good race with Woody and Matt), but there`s also the office politics angle. I mean, Woody won`t come behind Rust on his theories about a Tuttle conspiracy (why did he pressure the Task Force [in 1995] in the Dora Lange investigation?), as presented to a pissed off Major Ken Quesada (played by Kevin Dunn). 

Yet, on further examination, when watching Marty get good and drilled by G & P, I conclude, he really supports his old eccentric buddy, who he knows is the top of the line, as far as detectives go, and (Marty knows) was spot on in probing Billy Lee. Marty was beginning to see the picture much more clearly; that`s why he terminates the interview with G & P. Furthermore, he agrees to meet with Cohle for a casual beer; they`ll have a skull session, I suspect, and tie up some loose-ends that came up in the Dora Lange investigation, if not the entire nine yards (whatever that may be).