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Published:March 3rd, 2014 15:26 EST
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Fullips Reaches Out to Cancer Patients

By William Giorgio

"Beauty saves. Beauty heals. Beauty motivates. Beauty unites. Beauty returns us to our origins and here lies the ultimate act of healing" - Matthew Fox

Linda Gomez, CEO of Fullips, has been making great efforts to give women with estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer a tiny bit of something to smile about! In an effort to give back to the community, the small company began donating Fullips sets to several organizations, and recently decided to set aside several hundred enhancers to distribute to willing patients during the next few months and hope to bring increased awareness to ER+ breast cancer .

A picture of the large Fullips model.  Taken from Fullips site.Fullips, created by Gomez herself, is a natural form of lip enhancement created as a temporary and non-invasive alternative to chemicals. The product was originally designed for women whose lips were thinning due to decreased hormone levels, and wanted a simple and more natural solution not requiring any kind of injection.  The user simply places their lips inside of the enhancer and applies suction until the desired level of fullness is met.  Since its release, the product has been featured on a multitude of shows and publications, including the Today Show, Cosmopolitan, and even right here at the Student Operated Press.

Gomez`s motivation for the recent trend of charitability was when an anonymous woman with ER+ breast cancer expressed interest in using Fullips after she was told that hormone replacement therapy was no longer an option for her.  Gomez then decided to reach out to other breast cancer patients in similar circumstances.  Some of the organizations that Gomez has donated her product to include Eva`s Heroes, an organization started by actress Eva Longoria to help young adults with intellectual special needs, and the St. Jude Children`s Research Hospital, in which 350 sets were given at the annual Handbags for Hope luncheon.     

"Countless women every year are diagnosed with estrogen-based cancers and find they are no longer candidates for hormone replacement therapy after treatment," Vice President Tiffany Broderick wrote, "Fullips is proud to be able to say this is one area we can give back and would like to donate product to those wanting to give it a try.  While it`s not much, if we can put a smile on even one courageous woman`s face then we are thrilled."

In terms of inventing a successful product, Gomez states that the easiest aspect of being an inventor was the actual conception of the idea.  "Thank goodness there have been a lot of wonderful people out there that have offered me great advice and help along the way. I really had no idea what I was doing when I started this little venture!"  She also stresses that having young people on her team was essential to the business` success.  "I`m almost 59 and doing a start-up, while fun, is time intensive and it has really been the young members of this team that have moved it forward. Having motivated and social media savvy people makes an enormous difference."

Gomez is not sure where her business will be in the future, but she hopes to introduce new products to the line-up that are built on the same principles the Fullips enhancers are built on- providing women with easy, natural ways to enhance their beauty. One new product has already surfaced in the form of lip plumping gloss to be used alongside the Fullips enhancers. "It`s mild, made in the USA, and not tested on animals which is very important to us," says Gomez.  She also hopes to have the full patent on the now, patent pending product in the near future, and is happy that it "should be coming up for review any time now."

An act of inner beauty allows breast cancer patients to show their outer beauty, and hopefully, this business will continue to spread their beauty in the future!

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