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Published:March 7th, 2014 13:14 EST

Woman Sees UFO in Cleveland: Tomfoolery or Alien Invasion? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Mutual UFO Network, which investigates thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects every year, has classified a sighting over Cleveland as "unknown.`


The sighting took place Aug. 20, 2013 when a Cleveland woman was taking pictures of a cloud that looked like a tornado. As she was photographing, she noticed that, below the cloud, were five "orb shaped objects that moved slowly under the cloud in a straight line ...,` according to the MUFON report.

MUFON`s investigator filed the case as `unknown aerial vehicle,` meaning there was no way to determine whether the object was extraterrestrial or a known aircraft, Gray said."

Houston Chronicle

This incident occurred on Aug 20, 2013; today is March 7, 2013, talk about publishing yesterday`s news.

The MUFON investigator filed this case as "unknown aerial vehicle", indicating there was no way to determine whether the object was extraterrestrial or a known aircraft. Look at the photographs for yourself:

There is nothing to indicate these lights are spacecraft of any kind, only a MUFON investigator who is predisposed to believing in UFO tomfoolery would characterize them as aircraft.

The average person would say: Boring, only a shmuck would get his panties in a twist over tiny pixels in a photograph.

Houston is a lively city, there`s plenty going on in the streets, the Houston Chronicle shouldn`t waste any bandwidth reporting on strange lights in the sky over Cleveland!

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