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Published:March 18th, 2014 15:54 EST
A "Neutral Ukraine" Letter I Shared with a Lot of Political Think Tanks

A "Neutral Ukraine" Letter I Shared with a Lot of Political Think Tanks

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

A letter I shared with a lot of political think tanks during the Miadon Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine trying to keep Russia and NATO out of the Peaceful Protest:

Neutral Ukraine "Compromise" via trading with New EU Partners, a Dominating Russian Partner and EurAsia the lower producer nations... 

In order to ensure a prosperous and progressive future, Ukraine must first honor its Constitution to be a Neutral and Independent Ukraine; because of this Ukraine will have to make three major compromises to maintain trust from within Ukraine, New EU Partners to the West, and A Dominating Russian Partner, and EurAsia lower producer nations...

Trust from within Ukraine.  Since the Soviet Rule Ukraine has been a Top-Down style of Government.  With Yanukovych closely aligned with Russia it is easy to understand why people are back in the streets with a clear mandate that they would not return to such a system... Only Russia would like to see a return to the old system, as it drained resources from the other 14 Nations without allowing them to be a part of the all-inclusive club.  Ukraine politics rarely listened to or serve the People.  Ukrainian Politics is "Self Service."  

The website being circulated pointing out alleged corruption by President Yanukovych and his Son at makes a compelling case for illegitimacy...  People in the streets nearing 1 Million People calling for a "Revolution" is a pretty good indication that people are fed up with corruption and Government that represents its own self interest over that of the peoples interest...  Having spent a great amount of time here over the past decade I clearly have seen a lack of Freedoms, lack of a Rule of Law, and Open Society; the Markets and factories of Ukraine are full of near slave like conditions and adverse labor standards that result in a very long hard day of work for little pay...  That is unless your an Oligarch that simply has to ask and receive... For far too long the Top-Down approach of the Ukrainian Government operated without regard, or respect for peoples rights, wants or needs and I wonder if the people in the streets will change any of these problems, or be able to get a trustworthy settlement... 

New EU Partners must actively call for Reforms of the former Soviet State of Ukraine... Ukraine has shifted from Communism to a Market Economy/Capitalism; however, it falls short with Corruption, lack of Rule of Law, and close ties with Russia that have taken Aggressive-Actions with it`s Neighbor.  Ukraine`s lack of Open Society and Transparency, as well as a huge lack of respect for Honest Business and Investment Practices prevent Westerners from having a constructive affect within Ukraine...  While the EU is currently focused on Trade Deals; I feel that in general the EU/West is interested in helping spur growth and development at all levels of Ukraine, one way to do that is via "Western Economic Reforms" through community and city "Comprehensive Planning," such as this United Nations Global Reform Mandate  The plan focuses on Public, Private, Partnerships via a Commonsense-Community approach to enhance quality of life through economic development...  Without EU Standard Reforms, there will be a lack of Foreign Direct Investments that enhances the likelihood of a stabilized Ukrainian economy, an economy that Russia cannot sustain.

A Dominating Russian Partners, EurAsia and lower producer nations...  . Ukraine has major Economic National Security threats from Russia/EurAsia.  The traditional militarized Ukraine collapsed as the Soviet Union Collapsed...  While Ukraine reduced its Military Assets, sold out its Nuclear Weapons Program, and in many ways took on a very Peaceful and Neutral EurAsia stance it gained great support from around the World.  A Neutral non-aggressive stance that has been successful in Switzerland, which can boast a broad trade and commerce economy, and proudly state that it has not fought a war in more than 300 years... Ukraine has struggled with a Neutral Ukraine stance, despite that very inference within the Ukrainian Constitution.  Because of this Ukraine has fallen short economically for more than twenty years... Like minded failures offer not new lessons to learn.  Avoiding Reforms in favor of like minded openness of business being conducted via corrupt practices and bribes, pose no threat, yet, the lack of Business and Investment Reforms has vastly prevented Growth and Development.  

The Russia only policy cannot fulfill Ukraine`s vast needs and wants; nor can clinging onto like minded corruption...  The lack of Reforms and like minded corruption allows Russia to do business within Ukraine; however, this is a minor market to speak of during this time, as compared to the near 1/2 Billion Consumers within the EU that Protesters see as their future for Ukraine... Foreign Direct Investments have been difficult due to a host of obstacles; thereby, resulting in Ukraine being a huge failure as a Big Emerging Market (BEM) for both the East and the West.  Ukraine with Reforms has great potential as a BEM, which could vastly open up the Private sector.  Yet, the lack of Reforms have kept Trade and Commerce mainly in Cold Bazaar`s, with sub-standard working conditions, and a host of Corrupt Business Practices, VAT`s (Value Added Tax) and other Tax Scheme that limit the Private Sector from succeeding.  Russia and China while opening up trade and commerce as a low producer gained economic penetration, and economic turf Gaines; however, this is only adding to Trade Imbalances, and eventually higher taxes and inflation, along with high unemployment if they only stick with Russia and/or EurAsia as Ukraine`s primary source of Trade and Commerce... 

Ladies and Gentlemen, to sum up I feel that a "Neutral Ukraine" per the Ukrainian Constitution is the best and only real solution.  Ukraine can continue strong trade and commerce ties, tourism exchange, and an open door policy with Russia, while opening doors to the West via Free Trade Deals to gain access to nearly 1/2 Billion high paid consumers.  They can maintain a VAT on low producers to prevent huge Trade Imbalance with countries such as China and others.  The VAT from lower producer states will help maintain jobs in Ukraine and offer badly needed Trade and Commerce Infrastructure Development within Ukraine.

Respectfully, analyzing the Geopolitical Trade and Commerce via a "Neutral Ukraine" and an offer to help negotiate a Peaceful Compromise... 

Harvey Carroll, Jr. 
BBA Real Estate and Finance, 
3 Partial Masters:
(MBA, Masters of Public Administration, Diplomacy and International Commerce.)