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Published:March 18th, 2014 09:50 EST
Why Did Daniel Politte Shoot His Wife (Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte) in the Head, Then Call 911?

Why Did Daniel Politte Shoot His Wife (Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte) in the Head, Then Call 911?

By John G. Kays

Since when does a husband, Daniel Politte to be specific, call 911 saying his wife (Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte,) is injured, when actually he`s the one who shot her in the head (I have to assume, intentionally)? I`ve never heard of such a case as this, and I look at hundreds of these per year! Very unusual, but this is the hard news getting reported from Houston (I mean, Missouri City, one of Houston`s many pieces). 

The date of the incident (that`s a euphemism, this is murder!) was very late on Tuesday, March 11th, and the location was a suburban-looking neighborhood. The Politte`s lived in an inconspicuous, humble house in the 4600 block of green Cottage late. How long had they lived there, we`d like to know?

It appears as if the Politte`s laid fairly low; neighbors didn`t really know anything about them. Apparently, Stephanie was still alive at the time her husband, Daniel Politte, called 911, but had expired by the time Emergency Medical Personnel arrived on the scene, where a handgun was found close to the deceased. 

The time given for Daniel`s weird 911 call is 11:30 PM, as provided to me by Your Houston News. This time, however, raises the question of when Daniel actually put the gun to Stephanie`s head and went through with it, pulling the trigger at point blank range, killing his wife! Naturally, at this point, the motive, the why he did it is an unknown.

To say it was an accident, is, as far as I see it, is a crazy stretch of the imagination; surely he shot her on purpose, but we`ll (along with Missouri City`s Homicide Team) have to take a rather closer look at that, hitting the plus zoom a thousand fold with our trusty mouse. 

Still, I wonder about the charge; why was Daniel merely charged with murder and non-negligent manslaughter, instead of first degree murder? Was it just because he felt guilty and called 911, so he gets off on a softer charge? Perhaps, he thought he`d stage it to look like a suicide, but at the last minute, once the professionals arrived on the gut-wrenching setting, morphs clammy confessional and cracks up (I don`t know).

As far as biographical data goes on the misdirected couple, and whether that information will shed any light on the tragedy occurring at their home exactly one week ago, I didn`t see anything that would give us an obvious clue as to why this happened; everything I read was mostly positive. 

Well, I should qualify that statement by saying, Stephanie`s biography was glowing and positive! She was a special education teacher at Monarch School (which specializes in neurological disorders), had a BA from Notre Dame and a MA from the University of Houston and was an accomplished actress to boot (with Stage Door Inc.)! As for Daniel, I don`t know that what we have so far adds up to much we could claim as positive.

Okay, so Daniel has a degree but is unemployed; he`s 30-years-old and lives in the sprawling Houston megalopolis, which has plenty of jobs, but he can`t find one? Well, to be honest, I don`t know whether he was even looking. What was his major in college and what school did he attend?

Your Houston News reports Daniel Politte was originally from Friendswood; that`s not exactly a run down neighborhood, so what are his excuses? Also, we`re hearing, he enjoyed multiplayer online role-playing games; what`s that all about?

The most significant item that caught my eye, as far as the little bit of information we have on Daniel, is he `belongs to a Facebook group for a gun dealer in Sienna Plantation` (Your Houston News). Is Daniel a gun nut? How many guns did he own? 

What kind of gun did he use when he shot Stephanie in the head? What set him off? Were they having an argument last Tuesday evening? Was Stephanie aware of a loaded gun in their home? Why weren`t they friendly with their neighbors? Why did they let him walk on a $125, 000 surety bond? That`s unreal!