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Published:March 19th, 2014 14:53 EST
U.S. State Department Fact Sheet to Help Ukraine

U.S. State Department Fact Sheet to Help Ukraine

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

U.S. State Department Fact Sheet to help Ukraine.  This is a great start, please consider these addition from my academic background and from my long term experience in Ukraine.
UKRAINE ECONOMY SUMMATION--I would like to continue being a part of Ukraine`s economic stability... It will require a great deal of reforms in the three primary sectors of the economy 10% Agribusiness, 30% Industry and 60% Service...  Ukraine has a nominal GDP of about 170 Billion, which is about the same as my home state of Kentucky in the United States.  With the right focus the nominal GDP could be increased by huge amounts...
POSTPONE ELECTIONS--Sadly Ukraine is not ready for "Free and Fair Election" and should postpone such elections until Russian Troops are not blocking and/or manipulation of the voting precincts... It is the Ukrainian people that should choose their own fate and not a misguided Mob or Russian Troops...
BILLION DOLLAR AID PACKAGES--Billion dollar loan guarantee`s are great; however, reforms in Business and Investment along with SBA type Technical Structuring, Fair Lending Laws and "Comprehensive Planning" to spur growth and development in each and every City should be a mandate...
CONTINUED INITIATIVES--I favor continued initiatives such as the follow, but expand upon them in a number of ways that meet sound economic and finance principles: 
Reaffirming American Partnership:
*****Strategic Partnership Commission at the Ministerial level with the goal of deepening the U.S.-Ukrainian Strategic Partnership in the areas of;
a) nuclear security and non-proliferation, 
b) political dialogue and rule of law, 
c) energy security, 
d) security cooperation, 
e) and science and technology.
--For over two and a half decades I have supported such efforts.  I made suggestions as far back as the Bush, Sr. and Clinton Administration`s to deal with these issues, buying out of nuclear weapons to prevent the former Soviet States using them against each other as they established sovereignty and self rule.  U.S. Investments that came to the collapsed states helped stabilize the economies of Ukraine and Russia alike.  Sadly, Russia has seen Economic leadership as turf gain by NATO.  NATO is comfortable with Ukraine being a "Neutral Ukraine"; however, currently with Russian Troops out of their Base Agreement`s one can understand the Miadon concern of security... 
*****The U.S. Department of Commerce hosting a U.S.-Ukraine Business Summit in Washington, D.C..
a) The meeting will bring together senior-level USG and GOU officials, 
b) U.S. companies with investments in Ukraine.
--From my many discussions from members of the U.S. Ukraine Business Council, the American Chamber and the European Business Association as well as watching BBC Hosted Forums several years ago, most all will tell you that without strong reforms that also streamline time and red tape that trying to do business in Ukraine will only lead to frustrations...  This is a cash and carry region, where money talks and technology, economic plans and sound deal structuring, gives way to corruption and confusion...
*****Leading economic and legal experts on the Ukrainian market, to discuss:
a) How to increase economic growth in Ukraine and deepen our bilateral commercial relationship.
--I have written such "Comprehensive Plans" like this one I packaged for my home town several years ago.   I have also prepared such plans for Crimean/Ukrainian Cities and with a proper Website Development this plan as a "Comprehensive Plan Template" (translated) could be used nationwide community by community, city by city.  
--Yet, without a Top-Down Mandate and NGO`s with Million Dollar financing Packages it will result in a huge waste of time and energy... 
--I know for I have worked with cities in the past and they do what they can to pad their pockets with tax resource and fail to offer up "Open Society" participation that creates real growth and development... The old "Boss Hogg" concepts are at play here in Ukraine to the max... 
*****The U.S. Department of Commerce, working together with the State Department and USTR, will develop an Innovation Council that will focus on;
a) Creating the eco-system required to accelerate entrepreneurship,
b) Develop the legal culture and infrastructure for innovation in Ukraine.
--I agree that this is needed. There are too many stories about the huge cost to organize a business and even more cost to close it...  
--"One Stop Shop" business organization should be done via the Net. is a Kentucky is a "One Stop Shop" Business-Organization ability via the web, where one can use a Smart Phone, set up a business and pay the small fee`s by Credit or ATM Card.  Without such a reform I would not suggest opening a business in Ukraine.
--$$$--SBA and SBIC Development groups at Universities would be a great way to focus on entrepreneurship in the Private Sector, as well as Public-Private-Partnership`s via "Comprehensive Planning." 
*****Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs Carlos Pascual will visit Kyiv this month for a meeting of the Energy Security Working Group, which will focus on efforts to boost;
a) Ukraine`s energy security, 
b) including energy efficiency,
c) and the development of alternative energy sources.  
--For more than two and a half decades I have offered up energy security suggestions.  This is not my specialty, but I have met a number of people that would like to participate in Green Energy... 
--$$--As a Diplomacy and International Commerce Masters Student I shared a "Derivative" concept with Bob Zoellick, which I think became the foundation for "Cap n Trade"...  
--A Cap n Trade program that creates a Green Energy Infrastructure Bank would work well here in Ukraine and clean up industrial cities.. I welcome being invited to board meetings... 
*****The Department of Defense will hold U.S.-Ukraine Bilateral Defense Consultations with Ukrainian counterparts in Kyiv within the next month;
--Defense is complex...  Sadly, Ukraine will always be out-gunned by their Russian neighbor.  So, squandering Ukraine`s treasure on Defense might be counterproductive and seen as an act of aggression... 
--Ukraine needs to stay the course of a Peaceful "Neutral Ukraine" and focus more on creating growth and development.  
--Yet, maintaining a reasonable readiness...  As we see the World has Ukraine`s back...
*****A senior-level U.S. Department of Commerce delegation will travel to Kyiv to;
a) Conduct relationship-building with key GOU officials, 
b) streamlining future bilateral work on market access cases, 
c) pending investments, 
d) and means for addressing systemic issues affecting our bilateral commercial relationship.  
--Wow, they have their work cut out for them... There are so many layers of corruption and red tape that has to be reformed... 
--An Interstate Transport Reform like the U.S. and or EU allowing ease of transport across State Lines will be the key, with inspections as needed... 
--Rules for Investments have to be made on the basis of sound economic and finance principles, Performa`s and not "Give me your money."  I have looked at dozens of grandiose plans; however, none of them made business sense... This is a huge barrier, appearance and pretty plans have to have good numbers and reliable expectations... 
*****Bilateral Trade and Investment Council through the U.S. Trade Representative`s Office to address;
a) Barriers to trade and investment,
b) and explore expanding commercial ties, 
c) boosting the investment climate.  
--My first thoughts are that Ukraine needs the same as the United States, which is a "Virtual World Trade Center" and a focus on the International Chamber of Commerce INCOTERMS such as this concept
--Ukraine also needs a Trade Center.  Perhaps reconstructing the building that was burnt at Miadon and/or a new structure built at Euro-Miadon would be the easiest way to keep core trade and commerce in one area, along with Freight Forwarders, International Shipping Groups, and Import/Export Banking... 
--Training is also important.  I have tutored a Trade and Commerce Masters Student in the past and I have great tools that could be uploaded for Virtual Training and/or bring in Private Trade and Commerce Trainers to provide more Certification...
--See the prior paragraph.
Immediate Assistance:
*****Support for the May presidential elections.  
a) The United States will double its planned assistance to support electoral law reform,
b) Improve election administration, 
c) Provide election monitoring, 
d) Promote robust involvement by a strong and independent civil society and media.  
--Postpone Elections, as mentioned in the beginning.  I strongly feel elections should be postponed due to the duress and hostility at the polling places throughout the country... The World knows that Yanukovych has been impeached and is now wanted for Mass Murder... A trust worthy government is in place and Election can be held within a year... Hopefully, Crimea can be a part of this without Russian Mobs and Troops.
*****Department of Defense (DoD) personnel will organize a Humanitarian Assistance Planning Conference with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.  
a) DoD will provide Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.  
--The MRE`s are not bad.  I ate my share of them back in the day.  Could tell stories of warming them up on a hot jeep engine...  
--The Ukrainian People are survivors and are very resourceful when it comes to organizing camps and meals as we saw in Miadon... I`m sure they can continue such mass feeding facilities as well as rapid deployment MRE`s.  I`m also confident that such MRE`s could be packaged within Ukraine.
*****Support for asset recovery efforts.  Department of Justice and FBI teams are already in Ukraine;
a) To provide strategic advice and capacity building to locate the proceeds of corruption looted by former officials.  
b) The State Department also will offer additional assistance and technical expertise for bilateral and multilateral efforts to facilitate Ukraine`s efforts to recover these assets located in overseas financial institutions.  
--Justice and FBI know their job and will do well... The more complex diversion of funds and real estate assets will be difficult to deal with...  I know a number of people that might assist if needed; they speak English and understand accounting and finance... Yet, such resources are rare and I suggest you organize "Resource Teams" that bring in the local Universities and evaluate the technical knowledge of those people to operate in teams that will assist with asset recovery and future U.S./Ukrainian Business Ventures...  
--"Triangle of Death" Investigation where Death Squads from the previous regime committed Mass Murder from sniper-fire from the top of Instituskya, perhaps upper floors of the Press Hotel, and from the upper floors of the Wide Screen building that was targeted and burnt to silence the protesters if of key importance... The more this investigation goes on the longer it becomes a conspiracy theory and not a solid open and such case... 
*****New technical support to help Ukraine with immediate economic management challenges.  
a) The United States is providing expertise to help the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance and Central Bank navigate near-term economic challenges. 
b) The Department of Treasury has already deployed an expert adviser and the United States stands ready to provide additional assistance to meet Ukraine`s near-term economic and financial management needs.  
--I am not privy to this information; however, my experience since 2003 observing the Ukraine economy as compared with my home state of Kentucky I see many ways to expand growth and development.  
--I have suggested "Bank Bailouts" in the past via the IFC/World Bank that resulted in some 75 Banks being bailed out and shared like information with the U.S. House and Senate Financial Services Committee`s (Frank and Dodd), so I know a bit about economics and finance...  
--I would welcome being involved in meetings that could enhance Ukraine`s economy, and know a number of ways to secure funding/investments (FDI) via Road and Tourism Bonds...
Enhancing People-to-People Contacts:
*****The Department of State will expand funding for the inaugural year of the U.S.-Ukraine Fulbright Science and Technology Education Program ("STEP"), a pilot project that will fully fund the travel and studies of a select group of Ukrainian graduate students at U.S. universities in the 2014-2015 academic year. 
--This is a great program; however, I think Universities that would offer SBA  and SBIC   and other Economics/Business and/or Public Administration Case Study Programs should also be a focus...  Provide Comprehensive Planning tools like the like I posted.
*****The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program will double the number of Ukrainian students for the 2014-15 academic year. 
--(Like Above)--This is a great program; however, I think Universities that would offer SBA  and SBIC   and other Economics/Business and/or Public Administration Case Study Programs should also be a focus...  Provide Comprehensive Planning tools like the like I posted.
*****Over 50 additional future leaders of Ukraine will be eligible for short-term exchanges and professional experiences in the United States in critically important fields.  
--(Like Above)--This is a great program; however, I think Universities that would offer SBA  and SBIC   and other Economics/Business and/or Public Administration Case Study Programs should also be a focus...  Provide Comprehensive Planning tools like the like I posted.
*****The United States will establish an Alumni Innovation Grant Competition for Ukrainian alumni of U.S. government exchange programs to;
a) Allow the best alumni to launch ideas that will benefit their country`s future.  
--I do not favor Grant Competitions... I favor Mass Group Forums that provide University Masters/PhD Level Technical Advice... 
--Example I and/or a group could organize a number of University Forums that provided Technical Advice in Business and Public Administration, Comprehensive Planning and other viable needs for Ukraine...  
--With Political Organizations, Peace Corp and other NGO`s along with Students and Professionals attending forms and obtaining tools for SBA Business Analysis, Land Development Planning, Comprehensive Planning, Creative Financing, Public-Private-Partnership Development it would be much easier and much faster to fostered Open Society City by City Comprehensive Planning, Public Private Partnerships, and simple business analysis tools/spreadsheets to analyze projects that create growth and development...  
--This is what Professional Public Administrators and Business Leaders need in Ukraine today and the World today... Not long drawn out competitions and little or no voice when they return... Mass events with mass results are 21st Century Progress... 
Thank you, and I look forward to assisting any way I can, except sitting by and doing nothing...
Harvey Carroll, Jr.
Bachelors of Business Administration, specializing in Real Estate and Finance,
Three Partial Masters-Business, Public Administration, Diplomacy and International Commerce.
Three Decades of High Level Government Advisement`s.
Developed Real Estate-Housing Communities, Commercial/Retail/, etc.