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Published:March 20th, 2014 12:08 EST

Cat Whisperer to Visit Lux the Cat that Attacked Baby and Trapped Family in Bedroom

By Robert Paul Reyes

This is my second update in the saga of the ferocious feline that attacked a baby and trapped an Oregon family and their pooch in a bedroom. Here are links to my two prior Lux the Cat articles:


Lux the Cat Holds Family Hostage! Frantic Parents Call 911! Video!

Lux the Ferocious Cat Will Undergo Therapy: Video

Jackson Galaxy (The Cat Whisperer), the star of Animal Planet`s "My Cat from Hell" will make an intervention and work with the 4-year-old kitty with a bad attitude. Galaxy will of course film his visit for his show`s fifth season, which premiers April 26.

Lux became the biggest Internet cat celebrity after his wimpy owner Lee Palmer called 911 and said the cat had cornered him, his girlfriend, their baby and the family dog inside a bedroom.

Granted Lux may have issues, but his biggest issue is that the poor creature has the misfortune of having a clueless cowardly owner, with a mischievous baby who has a penchant for pulling on the cat`s tail.

First things first: Lee Palmer needs to grow some balls, and the baby needs to be disciplined and taught to respect Lux.

Then maybe Lux can spend some time on the couch with cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.

I have a 23-pound cat named Tico, and he wouldn`t hurt a flea. It`s all about how a cat is trained and treated. Just Saying!

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