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Published:March 22nd, 2014 12:02 EST

Outrage: Woman Hit By Golf Ball Sues Golfer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Texas woman who says she was hit by a golf ball on her birthday has sued the course and a golfer who she says just wiped blood off the ball and help playing.


In court papers, Maureen Percenti said she was hit by a ball during a backyard birthday celebration in April 2013. She said she was knocked out by the impact and that Craig Rooker showed up soon after looking for his ball."


Percenti claims that when the golfer came on her property looking for his golf ball, her son-in-law directed him to the ball, which was covered in blood. According to her account Rooker nonchalantly wiped the blood of his ball and continued with his golf game.

Percenti claims she was knocked out by the impact, and that the injury has caused her neck pain, headaches and memory loss.

If you own beachfront property you should expect seagulls to occasionally crap on your head, and if you own property adjacent to a golf course you should expect to occasionally be conked on the head by a golf ball.

Rooker is by all accounts a gentleman, a scholar, and a good golfer. Percenti claims she was knocked unconscious; a word of apology would have been wasted. Percenti did the right thing by wiping the golf ball clean, and continuing with his game.

Shame on Percenti for filing her frivolous lawsuit, may the gods of gold exact revenge on her.

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