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Published:March 23rd, 2014 12:44 EST

Grace Hill Media Responds to Review of 'Noah' by Robert Paul Reyes

By SOP newswire3

Mr. Bock responds to: Review of the film Noah


Dear Mr. Reyes:

My name is Jonathan Bock and I am the president of Grace Hill Media.  My company is currently advising Paramount and marketing NOAH to the faith community.  A Google alert brought me to your story.  I`ve never run across - it seems like a laudable effort to aid those interested in becoming journalists.

The reason for my letter is that, to me, what you wrote about NOAH doesn`t seem particularly journalistic.  There was not a single quote in your piece, nothing resembling anything other than conjecture and supposition based on opinion, rather than fact.

I have worked alongside Darren Aronofsky and the Paramount team for almost two years.  Darren has been working on bringing NOAH to the big screen for roughly sixteen years.  The studio has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of man hours to make a worthwhile film.  I can tell you from experience that bringing this story from Scripture to screen is no small feat - half of the characters on the ark have no name.  We know nothing of what happened on the ark other than they sent out birds. There`s not a single human emotion connected to the ark building, the flood, the death of everyone and everything, the desperate solitude, or what it was like to start over alone on the planet with nothing but what was packed.  Finally, no human speaks in the scriptural Noah story until Noah curses his son after getting drunk for some unspecified reason.  All that to say, not much detail is in this story - other than tremendous detail about the size specifications for ark building.

Despite your negative opinion of the film based on the writings of other people supposing to know its contents without seeing it, more than 25 respected Christian leaders and orgs have actually seen the film, including Campus Crusade, Focus on the Family, Erwin McManus, Samuel Rodriguez, Gabe Lyons, Brad Lomenick, the president of King`s College, American Bible Society and nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt.  All of them have endorsed the film and provided supporting quotes.  Surely we can agree that this group are honorable and above reproach?  Their quotes are available with a simple google search.

I have no problem with dissenting opinion, and no problem with those who find fault with the film.  To be sure, creative license was taken - because there is no other way to make this story into a movie without doing so.  But to write off the film or write off reviewing film because you already know what`s in it?  Well, I can tell you one thing for certain - you don`t.

In any event, I wish you all the best.  I know your intentions are good in this case - to protect. This was just a shoddy piece, and I`m sure you`re capable of much better.

And know this - while our God is precious, He is not fragile.  The world will not end because of this film.  The world didn`t end when Michelangelo took liberties with his religious art either.

Warmest regards,

Jonathan Bock
Grace Hill Media