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Published:March 29th, 2014 11:01 EST

Dave in Charge, White Rapper Straight Outta Da UK, Changing the Rap Paradigm! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

To make it in the rap game it helps if you are black, come straight outta da hood, have attitude to spare and possess street cred a career criminal would envy.


There`s a new playa in the rap game, he`s white, British, unassuming, and he`s the grandson of Lord and Lady Palmer of Childs Hill.

David Palmer, known in the hip hop community as Dave in Charge, may not be making Kanye West shake in his boots, but he`s making a name for himself.

Dave in Charge doesn`t front like a Vanilla Ice, pretending he`s a hardcore rapper avoiding the cops and keeping his bitc*es in line.

Dave`s latest video " Habitat" has an ecological vibe, and it was recorded at his parent`s suburban home and shot on leafy streets.

Dave`s songs are radio-friendly; hell they`re grandma-friendly. Homeboy`s lyrics have a seal of approval from 50 Cent and Good Housekeeping.

Think this pasty-faced white bloke won`t make it in America? Hell, I predict that within a few months Beyoncé will kick Jay-Z to the curb, hook up with Dave in Charge, and she will have a baby, and christen him White Boy Ivey.  Beyoncé can smell a winner; wait until America catches a whiff of Dave in Charge.

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