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Published:April 3rd, 2014 18:16 EST
An 'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode, 'Roswell Crash,' First Aired on September 20, 1989, Gave UFO Story Wings Of Flight!

An 'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode, 'Roswell Crash,' First Aired on September 20, 1989, Gave UFO Story Wings Of Flight!

By John G. Kays

"Barnett later described the bodies to a close friend. They were small creatures with large, pear shaped heads, skinny arms and legs, and no hair. They wore metallic-like, formfitting, gray suits that had no buttons or zippers or snaps." Page 31, UFO Crash at Roswell, by Kevin D. Randle and Donald R. Schmitt

Bob Stack is like a long-lost friend; it`s sure good to see him again, after so many years have passed without his spirited presence. `The Best Of Unsolved Mysteries` arrived in my mailbox just two days ago, and in terms of happiness, I haven`t seen anything like it since I don`t know when. The episode which squeezes down tightly on the invisible vice of flaky fibers, comprising my grey-matter now/today, is `Roswell,` first aired on September 20, 1989 (Series No. 29, Season 2). 

While I may have been aware of this most famous of all time UFO tale, yet I do have to say, seeing it again on UMs, made me a true-believer once and for all time! Moreover, I observe, it put the hair-raising story before the American people, popularizing it to unimaginable levels!

Since that time (the Fall of 1989) it never has tumbled from it`s popular pedestal. After viewing Segment 29 several times this afternoon, I was reminded that I had payed the Roswell UFO Museum (which is housed in an old movie theater) a visit in early May of 1998. This was an out-of-body experience, but only in the sense that I was more convinced than ever of its authenticity, (the aliens did crash in this desert). 

The fundamental question I was asking myself today had to be, is this a news story or is this a fable, a myth perhaps, a folklore perchance, or maybe even a big fairy tale? I`m convinced Roswell is a genuine news story, but one which took (to surface), a very reluctant, serpentine path, before reporters could get the facts to the newsroom for publication.

Well, this is how I`m interpreting the Unsolved Mysteries episode (No. 29, not Area 51 silly!); that is, it just takes a very long time to make it`s appearance as a news report. After all, the Government had performed superbly, carefully covering it up, but fortunately, enough leaked out before they could tie-up a massive quantity of loose ends.

I mean, they couldn`t just kill all these innocent American citizens; they did, however, tell many of them to keep their mouths shut, such as Mac Brazel or Lorretta and Floyd Proctor, and then there`s Sheriff George A. Wilcox, who saw with his own eyes some fragments of the strange (out-of-this-world) debris, and was forcefully urged to keep mum.

What I`m saying, is that the facts and evidence of Roswell (the crash occurred in early July of 1947, when The Cold War was beginning to get off the ground), were lying around dormant without taking much shape or form, but the UM`s staff created a great simulation of the event (I need to find out the terrific actor who played the Chosen One, Rancher Mac Brazel!), had many Talking Heads interviews with a few people who were still here, and reported a complex story simply and clearly. 

Really, there are 3 major clusters of evidence regarding the Roswell Crash: there`s Brazel`s shocking discovery of the debris field, on his ranch at Corona, New Mexico, there`s Barney Barnet`s spine-tingling uncovering of the Second Crash site (with the auxiliary escape flying saucer), and the four Alien Corpses, then finally, there`s the Military Cover-up angle, which is the biggest and most complicated angle to it all. After the broadcast on September 20, 1989, all the great books, more TV specials, and UFO organizations emerge, turning this into a money making cottage industry. 

I mean, I`m not much of an authority on Roswell, but I`ve read a couple of books, seen a few programs, and can kick the tires on the basic body of known information. For example, I didn`t read anything in UFO Crash At Roswell (a favorite of many Roswell fruitcakes) that really contradicts what is told in the ground-breaking UMs episode.

Well, I`ll take it back in a way; the original press release written by First Lieutenant Walter Haut on July 8, 1947 was the first accurate news story, and reads in part: "The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eight Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the Sheriff`s office of Chaves County. " (Page 68, UFO Crash at Roswell).

The bottom line for me, and I`m not urging you to try to make this too easy (you need to take a look at many more reliable sources), is that the Top Secret military unit assigned in New Mexico there, got to the debris too late, the Cat was already out of his Buggy-Eyed Bag!

After Walter Haut`s Black Cat, titillating press release, the Roswell Daily Record quickly scooped the UFO chronicle, followed by a syndication of the sensation throughout the country and further, worldwide promulgation. A weather balloon it was not, Friendo! UMs simply gives Roswell legs (to walk) and wings (to fly) four decades later! MJ12 is a government follow-up report that verifies how the cover-up conspiracy was conducted. You forgot to burn your paperwork, you dumbbell federal bureaucrats!