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Published:April 18th, 2014 10:47 EST

Easter Miracle: Kittens Accidentally Shipped from LA to San Diego Survive: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two tiny kittens were packed into a cardboard box and shipped from Los Angeles to a cable company in San Diego.


Office worker JC Collins of Cox Communications was stunned to open up a shipment of fiberglass equipment and find the little balls of fur meowing frantically inside."

The New York Daily News

Packages get bent, broken and dropped during the shipping process, it`s a miracle these tiny kittens survived the 126-mile journey.

The kittens still had umbilical attached to their bodies, which means that their mother probably stashed them in a box for safe-keeping. Then the box was closed, sealed and shipped, and the rest is history.

The tiny furballs were taken to the San Diego Humane Society, where they are receiving around-the-clock pampering and care.

Today is Good Friday, a day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and people of other faiths or no faith celebrate new beginnings.

These little creatures have been brought back from the dead, and they will bring joy and happiness to their new owners.

Celebrate Easter by adopting a kitten or a puppy from your local animal shelter.

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