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Published:April 22nd, 2014 11:28 EST
How Did Joseph Lewis Miller (Alias: Roy Eugene Eubanks) Manage to Evade the Law for 33 years?

How Did Joseph Lewis Miller (Alias: Roy Eugene Eubanks) Manage to Evade the Law for 33 years?

By John G. Kays

Joseph Lewis Miller (alias: Roy Eugene Eubanks) is a very resourceful and cunning fugitive from the law; Miller managed to evade the authorities for 33 years (1981-2014), hiding out in Mineola, Texas (a tiny town in East Texas with a population of only 4,500), disguised and undercover as an upright senior citizen. 

But how did Roy pull this changed identity scam off for so long, when it was the U.S. Marshall Service who was on his trail? I haven`t quite figured this out completely yet; however, I did notice one clue in the 7th paragraph of an article posted by KETK (East Texas News), Mineola church deacon arrested, connected to 1981 homicide.

The line reads: The U.S. Marshals Service in the Middle District of Pennsylvania recently adopted these two arrest warrants as part of its fugitive task force. A question I thought of is, why did the Feds decide only recently to try and hunt down Joseph Lewis Miller? You`ll need to know also what these two warrants were all about, originating as they did from the state of Pennsylvania.

In a nutshell, Miller was charged for a January 15, 1981 murder of Thomas Waller, in a parking lot near the Times Hotel, at 14th and Regina Streets, Harrisburg, Pa (photo included).The other warrant was from the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole; yea, Joe breaks his parole when he kills another man! (KETK)

Well, without providing you with too much rich detail, I`ll just tell you, Mister Miller had killed a man before, using a shotgun on poor John and Donna Lumpkins on June 12, 1959 (John dies from his wound on July 4, 1959); this explains why the PA Parole Board had issued this second warrant, since Joseph did quite a bit of time for what he did to unfortunate John Lumpkins (11 years, 6 months and 10 days). 

On February 9, 1971, JLM (or Roy Eubanks) was paroled after Governor Raymond P. Shafer commutes his sentence; Joseph stays out of trouble for 10 years, then this unfortunate incident with Thomas Waller pops up and forces his hand, he`ll run for it!

Not that the Pennsylvania part of the narrative is particularly clear to me (or to us), up to this point (the winter of 1981), but I must say, it turns into white ghost light continually for the next 33 years, when Joe undergoes metamorphosis, slip-sliding on the lam, transforming himself into a solid small Texas town citizen, Roy Eugene Eubanks; totally law abiding, hard working (although he ends up on SS disability), even church going.

His shady past is totally and magically erased from the face of Google Earth! Becomes The Invisible Man! The only remedy I can think of for this copious dearth of biographical information is, if, Mister Miller, while suffering in a jail cell (although his health is failing), pens his provocative memoir, providing us with all of the missing pieces to his life on the lam.

Why did he choose Mineola as the town where he`d forge his new identity? When exactly did he arrive at this small East Texas town? One thing that drove me like metal to a magnet (it`s an intriguing story of life on the lam) is, I use to pass through Mineola quite a bit in the early `80s, when visiting a friend over in Quitman. 

Who knows, maybe Roy was dining with us one time when we`d drop by the local cafe there in the town square to grab a bite (don`t recall its name, sorry!). In any case, we want to hear the slippery saga of how he was able to blend in so chameleon-like, maintaining an identity that appears to repel suspicion, or any semblance of unaccounted for life events (you might characterize them as the loose ends of a life).

Well, I think it`s safe to say, all of us have some loose ends, skeletons in the closet, we`re having difficulty disposing of completely. I mean, why did W. B. Travis flee from Alabama and head for Texas (aint no paradise)? All of us are, in some way, escaping from former blunders or black marks, unsavory remnants of our past lives; nevertheless, Joseph Miller`s blemishes tweak on a rather higher caliber of sinful transgression than the rest of us ordinary people.

So, how exactly did U.S. Marshals smoke him out? The best clue I could find, is a tip, possibly from a Pa. relative (a Rat), who told them of the alias he ended up assuming. From there, I can kind of put together how they ultimately were able to trace him, that is, track him down; there could be only one Roy Eugene Eubanks residing in the United States, don`t you think?