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Published:April 23rd, 2014 16:08 EST

Avril Lavigne Debuts 'Hello Kitty' Video! The End is Near!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Avril Lavigne unveiled the official video for "Hello Kitty,` the fourth single for her fifth studio album, Avril Lavigne on Tuesday.


The colorful video features the 29-year-old singer leading a crowd of four women as she walks around greeting fans, visiting a candy store, and eating sushi."


Come come Kitty Kitty
You`re so pretty pretty
Don`t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me
Come come Kitty Kitty
You`re so silly silly
Don`t go Kitty Kitty
Play with me

This is the most disturbing music video I have ever seen, and I`ve endured countless videos by death metal bands praising Lord Lucifer, and tons of videos by rappers dissing bitches and homosexuals and glorifying violence and materialism.

Japan has a rich history going back centuries, tomes have been written about Japanese architecture, art, music and literature, and this dopey pop star chooses to write a paean to Hello Kitty.

This is pop music as crass commercialism; Avril Lavigne appropriates Japanese culture and expels the end product out of her rear end.

I don`t know what`s more offensive, the expressionless Japanese dancers or the insipid lyrics.

The only way that Avril can make amends for this execrable pop ditty is by burning an effigy of Hello Kitty, and then committing hari kari.

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