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Published:April 25th, 2014 12:38 EST

Failed Bank Robber Leaves Name with Teller During Robbery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A failed Florida thief left a Chase Bank in Pompano Beach without any money, but he did manage to leave behind his name during an alleged robbery attempt on April 10.


FBI agents said that Felipe Cruz entered the bank and gave a note to a female teller.

The teller, who was behind bulletproof glass, didn`t hand over any cash and just backed away from the window."


Felipe Cruz, who belongs in the Dumb Criminals Hall of Shame, should have kept these points in mind:

You can`t intimidate a teller who is behind bulletproof glass.

You shouldn`t write your demand note on an online job application form that contains your username and password, and your fingerprints.

You should wear a ski mask or at least a fake Groucho mustache and glasses when robbing a bank.

Robbing banks is for losers: The risk of getting caught is high and the punishment is severe.

Loser: Try earning an honest living for a change when you get out of prison.

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