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Published:May 4th, 2014 11:58 EST

Middle School Students Busted for Trying to Bake Pot Cookies in Home Ec Class

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Four Iowa middle school students weren`t feeling so sweet after they were arrested on Wednesday for trying to make pot cookies in home economics class.


The 13-year-old students got in trouble after they made marijuana-spiked cookie dough in their class at Edward Stone Middle School on Tuesday and then attempted to bake with it on Wednesday.

Other students who knew about the plan alerted school officials about the laced cookie dough while it was being stored overnight."


My thoughts:

I think the school should be renamed: Edward Stoned Middle School

What values are the students learning at this school, I can`t believe that the stoners were narced on by their fellow students. Haven`t these young scholars learned that "snitches get stiches?"

All four budding bakers have been suspended, two were charged with felony delivery of cannabis, and the other two are facing misdemeanor possession charges. I can`t believe the drastic punishment for such harmless high jinks.

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