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Published:May 6th, 2014 14:48 EST

Heartless Creep Kicks Cat 20 Feet Through The Air: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Andre Robinson, 21, is seen laughing as he lures the unsuspecting kitty toward him before he kicks it with full force, sending it flying 20 feet through the air. Video of the vicious May 2 act was posted on Facebook and circulated for several days before cops arrested Robinson on Monday. He has eight prior arrests, including one for knifepoint robbery."


New York Daily News

The hottest place in hell is reserved for jerks who abuse children and animals, especially those who document their abuse on YouTube.

Robinson erupted in delight after kicking the feline, and he engaged in a victory dance.

This piece of human excrement lured the unsuspecting kitty by holding his hand out as if he was going to feed it.

Robinson has a rap sheet as long as his arm, kicking a defenseless and harmless cat is the last straw. This vile creature was arrested for aggravated animal cruelty, and if he spends even one day behind bars, it should be the last day of his miserable life. There has to be at least one righteous prisoner who will kick him until he wakes up in hell.

I do not apologize for feeling righteous anger towards this monster, and I will break out in a victory dance if he meets an untimely death.

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