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Published:May 8th, 2014 10:29 EST
Crazy Julie Schenecker Easily Purchased a .38 at the Lock N Load in Oldsmar! Why?

Crazy Julie Schenecker Easily Purchased a .38 at the Lock N Load in Oldsmar! Why?

By John G. Kays

The prosecution gave us the remainder of what they had on Julie Schenecker Wednesday; this includes an audio tape (with a transcript) of her post arrest interview, mainly conducted with Tampa detective Gary Sandel (in late January of 2011). Incidentally, one witness that was called yesterday, Gerald Tanso, the Lock N Load gun store owner in Oldsmar, who sold Julie the .38 on January 22, 2011, testified also. 

Personally, I was as interested in what Gerald Tanso had to say as I was in the pivotal police audio tape interview. Not surprising, Tanso`s testimony was overlooked by just about all our major media outlets; the Tampa Bay Times, however, did make mention of it briefly.

Although, really what I wanted, was to see the Lock N Load owner`s complete, unedited testimony on video tape for myself, not just a brief summary in print news. It may be linked on the internet somewhere, if I try hard enough, but I will say, the Tampa Bay Times didn`t have it, while they did have the complete police interrogation, with a link to the stenographer`s typed transcript. 

Furthermore, as extensive of coverage we`re finding on HLN, there was no mention on JVM or on NG of what I think is a significant component of this case. That is, why or how could a crazy woman get her hands on a brand new .38 caliber pistol so easily?

We hear there was a 3 day waiting period before Loopy Mom could actually walk away from the Lock N Load with the murder weapon in her purse (or wherever she stashed it), return to her car and drive back to her majestic home in an exclusive, uppity suburb of Tampa. And can you imagine the Evil, Twisted thoughts racing through her prescription drug infested brain that day (1/22/`11)? Was she playing a heavy metal CD on her car stereo (think Diane Downs)? 

Well, probably not, so I better come down a notch (on coffee) myself; oh yea, I did manage to find out Gerald Tanso noticed that Shaky Mom was rattling or trembling herself, the day of the homicidal shopping spree! Okay, he didn`t think it was bad enough to warrant calling the police. *(Well, I suppose he had a 180 degree re-assessment after she killed her son and her daughter with the gun he had sold her).

For me, and this holds true with the audio tape also, I don`t see how the Lock N Load owner`s testimony helps the prosecution`s case any. It simply shows us our system for purchasing firearms is infinitely flawed! Julie was rich, but at the same time, was stark raving mad; why didn`t Gerald catch on to any of the incriminating data when he did a background check? 

I suspect he realized she was hopped up on meds when paying him a little friendly visit. Why didn`t he probe into her past a bit deeper? Why didn`t he think to contact her husband, Parker, to ask him if he knew or approved of the suspicious handgun purchase? Or did he figure it out and just wanted to pocket more easy profit.

And as far as it goes in proving Rattle Mom was in her right mind, since she planned this out so carefully, I don`t see how the trip to Oldsmar accomplishes that end for the prosecution. The argument that she was totally crazy is just as sound, don`t you think? Lock N Load saw she was shaking like a leaf on a clover, but they made the sale anyhow! 

The same holds true for the audio tape; SM is speaking sluggishly, uttering gibberish, slurring her words; okay, obviously, she`s looped on booze and powerful meds to the Nth degree. I`m easily convinced of her insanity; how could she be that good of an actress? In her mind, she was helping Calyx and Beau to commit suicide.

 I believe you can be Evil and be Insane at the same time. Usually, we don`t say you`re Evil unless you accompany that with Free Will; this is a silly legal quirk. We`ll see what the defense does going forward, but I must say, the prosecution has already proven in my mind, this quivering mass of flesh, known as Shaky Mom, is Rubber Room material!