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Published:May 8th, 2014 09:54 EST

Happy Mother's Day (In Remembrance of My Mom)

By Robert Paul Reyes

My mother passed away 16 years ago, and even though she was far from perfect, and she had some serious mental issues, I still remember her fondly. A son`s love for his mother transcends mental illness, distance, or any other obstacle.


For all of my adult life we lived thousands of miles apart, but even distance couldn`t sever the love and connection I felt for her.

Today I look back with regret at the letters I didn`t write, the phone calls I didn`t make, and the flights I didn`t schedule to be with her.

Remember this was back in the Stone Age when writing a letter meant taking pen to paper and sending it via snail mail, and placing a call to someone who didn`t live close meant paying long distance charges.

If your mother lives far away, you should be flooding her inbox with mail and photographs, and should skype with her every day. Technology has made it real easy to keep in touch with dear old mom, remember her every day, not just on Mother`s Day.

If your mother lives close by, you should shower her with love and affection every day.

Take it from an old man who`s gained a measure of wisdom over the years: You will treasure the quality time you spend with your mother, and you will deeply regret all the lost opportunities you failed to show her love.

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