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Published:May 18th, 2014 18:57 EST

Hillary Clinton: Too Old, Too Corrupt, Too Sickly to Run for President!

By Robert Paul Reyes

The 2014  mid-term elections may only be a few months away, but the liberal elite is already looking forward to the 2016 presidential election, and the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Usually the sitting Vice President assumes the mantle of the presumptive frontrunner, but nobody takes the buffoonish septuagenarian Biden seriously, and he`s no threat to a White House intern, let alone to the ruthless Hillary Clinton.

No one has emerged as a viable threat to Hillary, and it looks like it`s clear sailing for Hillary. The conventional wisdom is that if Clinton runs for the Democratic presidential nomination, she wins the Democratic presidential nomination

But wait a second; this is déjà vu all over again: In 2008 Hillary seemed an unstoppable force, until a political neophyte, born in Kenya, and who cut his political teeth in the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics, came out of nowhere, and left Hillary eating dust.

Is there a political heavyweight with the courage to counsel Hillary that time has passed her by, and she should let younger politicians unencumbered with a ton of political baggage battle for the Democratic nomination

Hillary has more political scandals in her resume than her lecherous husband has names of bimbos in his little black book:

The electorate may be forgiven for forgetting about her 90`s era scandals like filegate, travelgate, whitewatergate and billing-records gate, but surely Benghazi is still fresh in the minds of voters.

Not only is Hillary corrupt to the core, but she`s too freaking old to run for president. If Hillary runs for president, she would be 69 years old on Election Day. Every one of Slick Willy`s adulterous affairs and one night stands are etched on her visage, she`s psychologically unfit for the presidency. God forbid she presses the red button because she suspects Bill is cheating on her again.

Hillary is too ill to sit in the Oval Office; in 2012 she fell, suffered a concussion, and was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered a blot clot in her brain. Hillary downplayed the incident, but Bill who can`t seem to keep his mouth shut, recently revealed that it took her six months to recover.

Hillary must have failed Civics 101; we live in a democracy, not a monarchy. It`s not her turn, or her birthright to be President of the United States. Shame on us for allowing the Bush and Clinton dynasties from taking up permanent residence in the White House.

Now is the time to speak out against the so-called inevitability of a Hillary run for president. Our democracy cannot survive another Clinton, or another Bush for that matter, in the White House. 

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