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Published:May 18th, 2014 10:58 EST

Woman Threatens to Shoot Up Burger King Over Stale Cinnamon Roll

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman at a South Carolina Burger King threatened to shoot everyone in the restaurant after she was served a stale cinnamon roll, police said."


New York Daily News

Some folks really take Burger King`s " Have it your own way"  motto to heart; I`m sure you`ve witnessed the following scene:

I want a Double Whopper with three pickles, a dash of onions, the buns well toasted, and no mustard. Excuse me I meant to say " no ketchup", and make sure the beef patties aren`t greasy! On second thought, I`d rather have a Sausage and Cheese Muffin. What do you mean it`s three in the afternoon and you`re not serving breakfast?

Just because the Burger King mascot is a king it doesn`t mean you are going to be treated like royalty. If you want good service dine at a classy restaurant, fast food means cheap grub served quickly with negligible service.

This low-class vermin was upset that her cinnamon roll was stale, so she threatened to shoot up the joint. Someone whose default mode is " upset and angry" has no doubt spent time in jail, where I`m sure she ate the bologna sandwiches without complaining that they skimmed on the mayonnaise.  

The New York Daily News article doesn`t mention anything about the appearance of the disgruntled customer, but I bet she`s a fat slob Welfare Queen who shouldn`t be eating any cinnamon buns anyway.

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