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Published:May 24th, 2014 13:07 EST

Doctors Recommend Fist-Bumps Over Handshakes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s one of the oldest greetings. A way to develop trust, the handshake is the universal sign of a deal. But some healthcare facilities are now urging their employees to do away with the handshake.


`My informal policy is if you`re sick, I don`t shake your hand, but there`s not a formal policy here,` said Dr. Brad Jones of his Irving-based medical office. The Baylor physician admits he`s strict about hygiene.

A recent article from the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that `handshake free zones` are a healthier alternative than what`s considered the norm. The article states that there`s a well-established link between hand transmission of pathogens and disease."


I admit I wouldn`t hesitate to shake Lindsay Lohan`s hand even if I just saw her exit a dirty crack house, who doesn`t want to make a human connection with a hot freak?

But whenever anybody else offers to shake my hand, I grimace and reluctantly engage is the social nicety. You never know where a person`s hand has been: Picking his nose, popping a pimple, scratching his ass, scratching his dandruff-flaked hair, petting his dog, playing with his pet rat ...

Shaking hands is a filthy, disgusting custom, and this insane practice should be banned in civilized society.

I eschew shaking hands whenever possible; I fist-bump my friends instead. It`s about time that somebody in the medical profession is advocating fist-bumping instead of shaking hands.

Let`s recap: Dirty slobs shake hands, hip clean people fist-bump! Any questions?

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