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Published:May 24th, 2014 13:30 EST

Outrage: Florida Prosecutor Apologizes for Calling Crack Ho's 'Crack Ho's'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis admitted that he used a poor choice of words in his posting and offered an apology to those I unintentionally offended."


Here`s what the post said:

`Happy mothers day (sic) to all the crack hoes out there. It`s never too late to tie your tubes, clean up your life and make (a) difference to someone out there that deserves a better mother.`

After issuing the apology, Lewis went on to say that his message had been `misinterpreted` and then ripped into the media for the coverage the post generated."


The Florida prosecutor should not have issued an apology for his Mother`s Day Facebook post. There are more crack ho`s in Florida than you can shake a crake pipe at, and they deserve recognition on Mother`s Day.

Lewis gave these women of dubious virtue sound advice: Tie your tubes, clean up your act, and try to be a better moms.

I don`t know who`s more contemptible: State Attorney Kenneth Lewis or the crack ho`s. Not only did Lewis apologize, but he claimed his words had been misinterpreted and then blamed the media for the controversy.

Here`s my advice for Lewis: Grow a pair, and stand by your words!

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