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Published:May 26th, 2014 16:47 EST

Chinese Man Catches Baby Who Fell From 2nd-Story Window Ledge: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amazing footage shot by CCTV cameras in China captured a thrilling moment that was perilously close to being a complete disaster.


In the video, a man can be seen looking up at something that is out of the picture. As it turns out, the thing that got his attention was a 1-year-old baby who had somehow managed to get out onto a second-story window ledge.

With the help of another man, Mr Li of Guangdong Province was able to safely catch the infant as it tumbled towards the ground after falling off the ledge."


When a millionaire wide receiver catches a game-winning touchdown, he is celebrated as a hero.

But here`s a real hero:

A pedestrian sees a baby dangerously close to a second-story window ledge; he immediately jumps into action safely and miraculously catching the falling toddler.

When a football player drops a pass, he might be ribbed by his teammates and booed by the fans, but if this man had dropped the baby it would have been a disaster. The infant would have been splattered all over the sidewalk, and the poor man would have been psychologically damaged for life.

My hat`s off to Mr. Li, I hope there`s a Chinese equivalent of 15 minutes of fame.

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