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Published:May 31st, 2014 10:49 EST

Kate Upton's Armpit Photoshopped out of Harper's Bazaar Photo

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Kate Upton`s last photo shoot for Harper`s Bazaar was a bit more photoshopped than usual and left the 22-year-old model with an awkward looking armpit.


In a picture shared by the magazine`s Twitter account Tuesday a part of the model`s armpit is clearly missing."


If God Almighty himself were the photographic editor for Harper`s Bazaar, he wouldn`t photoshop Kate Upton`s images. You simply can`t improve on perfection.

It could have been worse: Kate`s delectable mammary glands could have been digitally removed.

Young girls who are crushed because they will never attain the physical beauty standards of celebs should remember that they can afford personal trainers and plastic surgeons, and that the tiniest physical blemish is removed from their photos.

Kate looks hot even with a missing armpit!

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