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Published:June 4th, 2014 11:40 EST
Why Did Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier Become Robot Slaves to the Internet Boogeyman Slenderman?

Why Did Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier Become Robot Slaves to the Internet Boogeyman Slenderman?

By John G. Kays

As they left for the park...(the victim) was walking in front of them and the girl lifted up the left side of her white jacket and displayed the knife tucked in her waistband. One of the girls stated she gave the other girl a look with wide eyes and, when asked what that meant the girl stated, I thought, dear God, this was really happening. Portion of criminal complaint on the two Wahkesha, Wisconsin girls

Who is Slenderman? Obviously, the two twelve-year-old girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, are BAD girls, but does it go further than that, are they EVIL girls, or even worse, are they socio-pathological killers? Or are they merely Robot-Slaves to the darkly fictional internet character (via, Slenderman?

How much time did Morgan and Anissa spend on this web site? Were there problems at home that compelled the twosome to take the Goth-leaning web site literally, where reality and dark fantasy become indistinguishable? Did the parents possibly enable the girls, if only subconsciously?

A great deal of time will need to pass by before thoughtful answers to the above questions can emerge; even then the responses given will be controversial, really only just opinions. Here`s my opinion: psychology is more of an art than it is a science. In my day it was the Manson girls we were studying (shrinking); how were they so easily conditioned (by Charlie) to do anything the wicked cult leader asked them to do, even (taking it to the limit and) stabbing Hollywood Stars to death, just to satisfy him? 

Well, a lot has changed since 1969; Charlie`s Girls were inculcated by way of drugs or sex (or combination of both) and were directly brain-washed by the living flesh of the Manson Monster of a Personage (if indeed we can be so generous as to say he was a human being). Whereas Morgan and Anissa get their heads shrunk (lobotomized?) via an ipad. Big difference. Digital verse flesh and blood!

Poor! I`m sure this Goth web site is getting pulverized with blame emails and maybe even communications a good bit more hostile in nature. A lengthy posting appears on this page (I didn`t see its creator`s name), explaining how this situation in Wisconsin is an unfortunate tragedy, but really has nothing to do with his web site, which is rather an interactive literary site, albeit sometimes morphing to the Dark Side. 

But we`ve always had that kind of stuff, such as Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, The Twilight Zone, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers etc...

I haven`t had a chance to study up on Slenderman yet, but I suspect he`s not all that scary or threatening; not anymore so than the various Boogeymen each new generation tends to produce. Each round of kids will create and worship a popular fictional figure who appeals to their mischievous or rebellious side, that lives inside of the teenager`s newly emerging and struggling personality; however, it`s the anti-social side winning the day, hating rules or conformity coming in any form. 

(My theory) 99% of these juveniles turn the corner and face the music: it`s mandatory to merge with the mainstream and conform. They`ll have to conform or else they won`t be able to lead peaceful, normal lives *(which may include making a living, getting married, having children of their own, then growing old, stashed away [by spiteful offspring] in a sleazy retirement home, then accepting [resigning yourself to] this misery as the way it is, and is going to remain, until the end, until you`re dead as a doornail). 

But what happens to this 1% of aberrant kids who walk around all day and all night, possibly sleeping with their cuddly, cozy ipads? Is this what went down with Morgan and Anissa? This is like Alice In Wonderland! These girls were living every breath of life on the open internet; and what happened to them when they got together and shared their take on school, their parents, friends, or especially these stories about Slenderman? 

Was a new, bad, second personality created by their friendship? This is what happened with Manson`s girls; the worse parts, the anti-social parts of their personalties snuck out, as a result of the companionship of their fellow cult members (who had the exact same kind of character flaws). I assert, something similar to this phenomenon occurred with Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, only this time around, it was via a tablet, not a humanoid monster, giving them access to a world they didn`t belong in.